torsdag 26 januari 2012

The Thing from another world - MAGMA

Today I've been listening to alot of different music, from blues to hardcore punk.
That's the beauty of loving music so much, I never get really fed up and tired with music!
As long as there are lots to choose from I am satisfied. One of the best coziest things to do is start digging through the LPs and CDs and tapes and whatnot, and find something which is absolutely fucking brilliant but that has been left alone for far too long. Hah, sometimes I picture the records with feelings, like they are a bit depressed if not played in a few years or so... ;) But, hell - I swear I am not alone in doing that! I hope...? :P
It's time for Magma. Yup! I hope most of you readers have heard about these French progressive rock people, or maybe I should call them a cult? For me they are like a weird religious cult, worshipping an alien chicken from a red/orange galaxy or something. That is my vision of "Kobaïa", as their first record is called.
This band has been at it since 1969, creating an totally original language called Kobaïan, and formed by leader Christian Vander. And how the hell does one describe the music?!
Well, it is a strange brew I know - jazz fusion blended together with symphonic rock and opera. Every record takes the sound one step further. Actually I think that the first record can be the most uneasy to listen to, with it's cacaphonic sounds. I call it a bit ear-splitting. But also very fascinating. And it's hard to not have an opinion about Magma.
My records, a few left to collect over the years...

"Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)" from "Üdü Wüdü":
And from the debut album:

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  1. Magma. Riktig skön annorlunda musik faktiskt :) Gillar låten De futura väldigt mycket.

  2. Üdü Wüdü is da shit!

    1. Yes brotha from anotha motha! ;P

  3. Svar
    1. Well how would it look like if I wrote about boring music? ;)