fredag 27 januari 2012

Hardcore punk and sewing...!

Okay, so I got forced to show these pillows I made - my soulmate said "You must!" so here they are haha. The other day I was cleaning out my closet (just like Eminem, yo!) and got a bit frustrated since there wasn't much room left for more band shirts. What a bummer!
And to be frank, I love all of them and I am fed up with selling shirts on Tradera that I send off for just a few SEK. :( Usually there's not much money in that and I've already sold about 10-15 of them that were too big. I'm not a girle type of girl no no, I like my prints big and with recordcovers here and there so I thought why not make pillows out of the ones I've had for ages that I just don't wear that much? As I have so many I won't miss wearing them... And most of 'em I've had for 10-15 years and are soft and nice now so.
So I started with my beloved The Exploited - "The Massacre" which I've had pretty much since I was a full-on punker back in the day. I've always loved this cover and the back, with all the mohawks. And it's a fucking killer record!
Today I made the Maiden pillow and had it not been for my back giving me big troubles I'd done two more for the bedroom. So that's the plan for the weekend, lot's of music and sewing and continueing catsitting (like babysitting but a little furrier).
I'm thinking black metal for the bedroom. :) Luckily my better half just supports my music-obsession and interiordecorating hehe. ;)
As I was sewing I really felt like listening to my old punk records so I dug for 3 favorites: Exploited, Discharge and GBH. That's what I prefer: english punk. I know Anti Cimex are good and all that but I always turned my eyes and ears to the UK for punk rock.
The Exploited formed in the late 70's and spat out their first album (after the EP) back in 1981, same year as I was born, and named it "Punk's Not Dead". A good statement which really made them a true second wave of UK punk band efter most of the original bands had dissappeared or blended together with the New Wave movement. Just look at The Sex Pistols or The Damned for example...
But it was in 1990 they released "The Massacre" which is an overlooked record when it comes to aggression. They are fucking serious and angry, swearing and filthy! This is hardcore and crossover. Speed, thrash and death metallers should like this gem.
I also really like "Beat The Bastards" record which came 1996, can't get much angrier than that!
From "The Massacre":
Charged G.B.H were also formed about the same time and their first LP in 1982 entitled "City Baby Attacked By Rats" which I've had for ages. I found it, together with the others I think, in an old vinylshop here in Skövde that no one else but me seem to remember...? It was a short-lived shop but they had plenty of punk stuff and I bought a load of singles there which I foolishly sold later on which I will forever regret. At least I kept a few LPs.
One time I stood outside the shop with my mohawk and this alcoholic comes up to me and wants to sell his recordplayer. I was pretty fearless by then so I came along and as he cracked up a beer he said that he had some records as well which I could get if I was to buy the player. Well, the player lasted about a week before it had to get repaired but the records were brilliant!
Lots of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Alice Cooper. So, thank you finnish alcoholic man for brightening my day hehe. :)
Anyway, the debut from GBH is really nasty and full-on! Just have a listen for yourself:
I don't think Discharge needs much introduction as I think most of you know their legacy, right?
Pure hardcore! And they have been a massive influence on so many speed, thrash and death metal bands all over the world. It seems everyone is citing them as influence these days. And as I played my copy of "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" for the first time I understood Metallica and Sepultura and all the bands who seemed to worship these British punkers. A perfect mix of punk and metal, already in 1982.

Right now I am awaiting a demo of a new Swedish crustband called Åtgärdslandet to arrive in my mailbox. I really like their stuff. Hopefully I can get it soon and spread the word.

Opeth live in Gothenburg

This post is a tad late haha, but better late than never I hope. :)
The best live performance I have ever seen to place the 4th of December 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Oh yes, it was Opeth live at Trädgår'n!
As I have seen them a couple of times before since they are one of my absolutely favorite bands of all time (only beaten by Black Sabbath I think) this time I really wanted to be a nutter and got two VIP tickets for me and my heartling. I booked them in the middle of the night, just when they got released, and that night I had a hard time sleeping. A half year later it was time to take the train to Gothenburg and eat sushi, shop and at last meet and see Opeth.
After some usual sushi (no pizzas here!) I of course found some records and also a special gift to mr Åkerfeldt.
Photo by me, as we got to greet the band
At the venue I became very nervous, like a little child, and also very shy all of the sudden hehe but luckily all of the band was very nice and I think Mikael especially saw that I was a bit tense so we talked a bit about records and especially his radio series which I loved and got a lot of useful tips from.
He was very kind and softspoken and told me that he had a couple of hundred vinyls in boxes at home that he hasn't even gone through yet. Oh my, that's fabolous! - I think I said. ;) As you all know, mr Åkerfeldt is the King when it comes to collecting vinyl and especially progressive rock.
We took a few pictures and I gave him a special recordbag as I wanted to buy him a real gem first but thought "Man, this guy has at least 5000 records, what do I buy?!" but suprisingly he didn't have just that - something to carry his records in when he travels and goes recordhunting.
Also, I met the "new guy" - Joakim and he was a real gentleman!
I got a few Opeth LPs signed also, which made my day complete. Until the live show of course, when everything fell in place and feels perfect.
Pain Of Salvation played before and we stood frontrow although I haven't listened to them much. In their progressive moments they were quite cozy sometimes but I was really waiting for Opeth to begin. I still consider "Heritage" as being a masterpiece and looked forward to hearing and seeing it performed, I wasn't very scared about it being too soft or whatever. No no.
And it was completely amazing! They really were in top-shape and did no mistakes!
The soft songs was performed very nicely and I got in a sort of trance of happiness. Best thing ever. Really.
My dear one got one of Martin's drumsticks and I got the Mendez's setlist, it pays to be jumping in the front and not be a dwarf. ;D

My new drumstick & setlist - now I've got 2 of Opeth setlists in total

Mikael was in a great mood, chatting and joking almost more than normally ;)

A bit of psychedelic colours enhanced the music
My partner snapped this photo of Mikael in his nice Rainbow-shirt
Acoustic set with "Throat Of Winter" here
Axe did a fucking brilliant drumsolo, raging from jazz to metal in a few minutes - amazing!
Signed LPs - they prefer the new artwork for "Still Life" they said

It was a great night and I doubt (but of course hope!) that I will see them in better shape. Ever.

torsdag 26 januari 2012

The Thing from another world - MAGMA

Today I've been listening to alot of different music, from blues to hardcore punk.
That's the beauty of loving music so much, I never get really fed up and tired with music!
As long as there are lots to choose from I am satisfied. One of the best coziest things to do is start digging through the LPs and CDs and tapes and whatnot, and find something which is absolutely fucking brilliant but that has been left alone for far too long. Hah, sometimes I picture the records with feelings, like they are a bit depressed if not played in a few years or so... ;) But, hell - I swear I am not alone in doing that! I hope...? :P
It's time for Magma. Yup! I hope most of you readers have heard about these French progressive rock people, or maybe I should call them a cult? For me they are like a weird religious cult, worshipping an alien chicken from a red/orange galaxy or something. That is my vision of "Kobaïa", as their first record is called.
This band has been at it since 1969, creating an totally original language called Kobaïan, and formed by leader Christian Vander. And how the hell does one describe the music?!
Well, it is a strange brew I know - jazz fusion blended together with symphonic rock and opera. Every record takes the sound one step further. Actually I think that the first record can be the most uneasy to listen to, with it's cacaphonic sounds. I call it a bit ear-splitting. But also very fascinating. And it's hard to not have an opinion about Magma.
My records, a few left to collect over the years...

"Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)" from "Üdü Wüdü":
And from the debut album:

The Golden Earring - "Eight Miles High"

The little cat has had surgery now and is healing, hating the cone around her neck that is bumping into everything. The first night she worried us when she didn't go to the litterbox as normal, instead she shoved the sand around with the cone and seemed very aggitated. As we both had some kind of flue we were tired and worried, but she only wanted the cone to disappear forever and fooled us cause she was allright in the end. 2 minutes later all was well. Naughty cat! Now she is having a hard time and struggling to keep the mood up...
So, right now she is laying right next to me, listening to the Dutch hard rock band The Golden Earring, which started as a poppish beat band but efter a few records changed the musical direction - luckily!
"Eight Miles High" which came out in 1969 is named after the coversong that runs through the whole of side B. And it is a great cover, improvised and original - but my favourite songs are to be found on the first side. Songs like "Song Of A Devil's Servant" and "Everyday's Torture" are very early hard rock and has a real feeling to them, this is pure energy and devotion one hears.
A real gem! Maybe not an ultimate masterpiece but great to listen to.

Well, my copy of this record is a bit worn even though it plays great - I paid under 100 SEK for it some years ago and it was just one of those LPs that I had a feeling about and had a short listen and directly took it home.
Fuzzy guitar, Hammond-organ... Hard progressive rock. Can you go wrong there? Few does. ;)
So, if you see this record and it is not too expensive, I advise you to get it! In good shape it's worth quite a lot.
Now, to the music, enjoy!

fredag 20 januari 2012

New releases I'll be obsessed about?

Okay, so in the last post I wrote a little about Zelda. And hm, I really do think we need more cats and records in the cyberworld so instead of making this blog more personally with photos of myself I'll be brightening it up with some catstuff once in a while hehe. Because I am a recordlady yeah but also a crazy catlady as well. ;)
We'll see if maybe Zeus likes me blogging more then, because he always protest when I sit down and write a post here. He thinks I am way too relaxed and have better stuff to do! Like following him round the flat and cuddling. And if I dare to blog before I've cleansed the litterbox - holy shite!
He does not like that. And as he is named after a God I try not to disagree too much.
And now for something completely different!
As I am trying to save some money I should only try to order some records that I've really been looking for to be released. But once in a while I will let a mistake (a record?) slip through (my fingers). ;)
Here's a couple of releases that I am looking forward to and that will hopefully have a new home in my recordshelf, and they are quite diverse:

Nekromantheon - "Rise, Vulcan Spectre"
I read somewhere about these guys some time ago and by some reason got curious enough to google them and have a listen at Youtube. That wasn't the easiest by then but luckily enough the magazine Terrorizer soon streamed the whole album, which can be heard here.
These awesome guys are from Norway and deliver a blackened thrashattack right into your guts! And I don't get hugely impressed by many modern black- or thrash metalbands, I must say. But Nekromantheon has a primitive and true feeling about their music. And it's fucking aggressive!

Alcest - "Les Voyages de l'Âme"
Now, Alcest is something I didn't discover yesterday but recently started listening to. When the last album "Écailles de Lune" was about to be released I saw the cover in a mag and directly had a feeling that I had to listen to this. It wasn't brutal at all but haunting and beautiful in it imagery but I felt something. But of course one cannot shop everything that the ears of eyes crave so I kind of tried to forget this. And with the amount of good music, or brilliant, that I discover every week just by myself I almost forgot completely. But then I thought about it when I was at the Earth gig in Gothenburg last year 'cause Alcest were playing the day after. I thought about it but was so satisfied by the brilliant concerts both Sabbath Assembly and Earth did and that I met them that I just wanted to go on the train home and relax. Now I kind of regret that I didn't take the opportunity to see these French emotional guys but... That is life.
Anyways, now "Écailles..." is really getting to me, sticking in my brain and the doubt I had about this being "maybe too emotional and post-rockish" music for me is really washing off.
It's actually very good, very well arranged and it has a few more aggressive moments of black metal as well. You really can tell that Neige is a perfectionist.
So, I am not missing out the release of the new LP, hope it is soon in my hands!
Have a listen at the promo single of "Les Voyages...":

Autopsy - "All Tomorrow's Funerals"
Autopsy is indeed back again and not going soft on us! Goddamn "Macabre Eternal" crushed everything with mashing death metal and filthy, filthy gore obsession. And in February comes a complilation of all their EPs and also new material - 22 tracks of grinding sickening määääteeelll. Oh yessss. This will be great to listen to when one needs some energy and headbang 'til the brain hits the wall. :)

Earth - "Angelf of Darkness Part II"
As I wrote above I saw Earth when they playing in the club Nefertiti in Gothenburg last year, and their music made me feel a bit like I was meditating. The calmness of "Angels of Darkness Part 1" was soothing and nice to experience live. As I grabbed Adrienne and Dylan as they were out smoking afterwards, the spoke of Part 2 coming real soon hopefully. Then they thought already next year as they had recorded the two parts at the same time.
It got a bit delayed though but in a month or so Part 2 is coming, on Southern Lord of course, and I am looking forward to it. Dylan and Adrienne were so kind and lately I've been following Dylan's blog about ancient magic.
Even though it is far from the same drone found at the first releases I like the mixture and calmness the modern Earth delivers. Not something I listen to 20 times a day though, I must be in the right state of mind. And I think that will be the case of Part 2 also.

Black Pyramid - "II"
Stoner/doom from USA. I messed up and did not order their first record, which I am quite sad about since it is amazing. In a week or two the second LP will fly through space and hit the earth, and I will be waiting for it's sonic attack (Hawkind-reference FTW!).
You can have a little listen here but I think they, as most bands I listen to, are best observed in full. Yup, that's why my shelf if full of LPs and not singles. Experience at full. Who wants to fly quickly to the moon? Why not stay a while and enjoy the whole trip, watch the stars and land when the needle has been guided to the centre after an hour or 1000.

Well, that's what I'll be trying to limiting myself to in the beginning of the year/early spring. ;)

English mode and the worship of cats

Okay folks, how about switching to english?
Because I've been thinking, right from the start, of doing just that - but for some reason I've stuck to swedish.
Why I wonder? Well, maybe because of making this little recordshelf in cyberspace a little intimate, but I actually prefer english anyday so...
Let's go! :)
Our little cat called Zelda (we've got two, one huge "lion" called Zeus and the little "otter" that is Zelda) has become rather ill. :(
And as we don't have any children you may think "Oh, they spoil the little furry ones" and you are right! They are very spoiled indeed. ;)
So, that means that she now gets the full treatment, painkillers and specialfood and all that, so that maybe her osteoarthritis (in swedish artros) calms down a little so that she at least can move and jump a little better.
At the veterinary they discovered that she needs some surgery for another constant problem so I know that'll cost a good deal of money and having an insurance won't help.
When things like that happend, I always know that family comes first and that including the furry ones, so as I hope Zelda becomes better I am calming down my "I-want-that-record-now"-nerves and trying to stick to those that are "most important" (about 500 of them, actually ;)).
You may wonder - "Why buy any at all?" and the answer is: music is important to me. Hearing new tones and rhythms stimulates my brain and I become a calmer person. It does me good. And yes, I am a bit obsessive sometimes. ;)
But as long as one can combine family, food and car and all that - all is good.
But of course everything can be even better - just give 'em records to me free!
Nah, on a more serious note:
Little Zelda, my musicloving furry friend, I'll do anything for you. Even sell my records if that had to be done. <3

Here's one of the Z's favourite songs (and you know you've got the best cats in the world when they like this!):

torsdag 19 januari 2012

John Mayall - psychedelic bluesman

1968 kom John Mayall med sitt första soloalbum efter att hans grupp The Bluesbreakers (med bland annat Eric Clapton ett tag) och denna skiva har dragit i mig varje gång jag har sett den.
"Blues From Laurel Canyon"
Jag är sååå förtjust i omslaget, allt ifrån färgen till typsnittet, och har tänkt knipa den länge nu men alltid är det nån härlig bluesgubbe som hinner före. Herr Mayall har designat den själv och på baksidan av mitt exemplar är det förutom texterna bilder på när bluesmannen själver är ute i naturen. Faktisk i just Laurel Canyon i USA, dit han till slut flyttade från England.
Plattan osar av blues men också lite psykedelika emellanåt, härligt munspel och en orgel som myser till det i bakgrunden.

onsdag 18 januari 2012

Samla Mammas Manna om du kan...

Finns det något bättre och kittlande bandnamn än Samla Mammas Manna?
Dessa flummiga herrar ägnade sig på denna självbetitlade skiva från 1971 åt en skum blandning av stilar. Om grunden är det progressiva så är resten ihopblandat i en riktigt knarkig kittel i starka färger! Jazzrock, humor och cirkus möts i en märklig kombination. Ja, först skakar man på huvudet lite och undrar vad sjutton de har käkat för svampar och om det verkligen *hytta med fingret* var nyttigt! - men ja, det var det ju. För det är bra. Ibland är det jäklans bra.
Tänk att sånt här, tillsammans med Älgarnas Trädgård t ex, kom ur Sverige! Hurra, hurra.
I Gbg hittade jag en billig CD, då jag inte har original LP:n ännu.
Men tar självklart emot donationer. ;)

tisdag 17 januari 2012

Mike Oldfield är skönt...

... på söndagseftermiddagen.
Okej. Då har man på riktigt blivit tant - eller rentav gubbe! Efter mycket om och men så har man till slut gett upp och blivit alldeles för nyfiken på vad sjutton Mike Oldfield sysslar med.
Eller rättare sagt vad han sysslade med. För jag är inte egentligen så intresserad av vad han gör nu eller vad han gjorde på 80-talet (även om jag inte kan sluta sjunga på "Moonlight Shadow" agh!) utan jag har helt enkelt köpt på mig 2 av de tidigaste skivorna i hans karriär.
Jag hittade dem i Göteborg och väldigt billigt så det får vara trösten. ;) Dagen innan proklamerade jag för min sambo att jag minsann icke skulle köpa nån skiva med herrn från internet! Hepp hepp, icke! Nej, istället blev det i butiker - som om det skulle varit mer ekonomiskt haha. ;) Men såna saker får man väl göra ibland. Jag fick i alla fall inget skäll. Tvärtom egentligen, när jag satte igång andra skivan "Hergest Ridge" från 1974 som uppskattades av både katter och sambo.
Och då kan man fundera på om den är alldeles för enkel och mainstream?
Inte enkel som i tråkig i alla fall, för jag uppskattar den väldigt mycket och tycker att den innehåller flera lager. Liksom första plattan "Tubular Bells" (som är härnäst på inköpslistan) är den uppdelad i 2 delar (A och B-sidan) och det händer kanske inte lika många skumma vändningar om man jämför med "Tubular..." men det händer tillräckligt mycket för att stimulera min hjärna, och det på ett mycket avslappnande sätt. Oldfield har låtit sig inspireras av naturen och det hör man verkligen, speciellt i del ett som är väldigt lugn men effektiv.
I slutet på del 2 händer något väldigt överraskande och det på ett mycket givande sätt! Låten övergår i en slags galen tv-spelsfrenzy och jag kan inte sluta att tänka på gamla härliga tider då tv-spelsmusiken var som bäst. Och sen avslutas resan på ett lugnt sätt.
Ja, vad skall jag säga? Gubben Sara har hittat ett ny favoritplatta att ligga i soffan, under en katt, och slappna av till.
"Ommadawn" är efterföljande skiva och blir alltså den tredje och föddes 1975. Här utforskas det lite lugna partier återigen och det är ungefär 125 000 personer som hjälpt till med skivan. Eller, kanske det var en liten överdrift men albumet innehåller allt ifrån en kör, afrikanska trumspelare, några slags keltiska säckpipor och panflöjt.
Keltisk musik möter världen, ungefär. Och det är skön musik men inte lika progressiva på det klassiska viset. Men ändå en mycket bra platta att ta en tur med, mina gubbar och tanter!
Jag måste då beklaga att herr Oldfield inte fortsatte med liknande musik utan gav sig ut mer i stora världen och blev tyvärr då sämre enligt mitt tycke. Det blev ju lite för mycket pop av det hela. En del musiker producerar (tyvärr?) som bäst när de är enslingar som sitter och plinkar hemma och inte när rampljuset skiner dem rätt i ögonen.
För tydligen var Mike just en ensling i början av sin karriär och kände sig väldigt dubbel inför sin egen berömmelse, som ju tog fart direkt.
Måste dela med mig av ett live-klipp med ett gäng sammanbitna musiker. Mike med bland annat Steve Hillage och Pierre Moelin från emminenta husgudarna Gong, som gör "Tubular Bells". Kolla in håret, koncentrationen.... Oj oj! Bästa tiderna.

måndag 16 januari 2012


Min polare Christian Älvestam är en riktig workaholic när det kommer till musik. Jösses, vad han ploppar ur sig mycket alster med olika band! ;) Ni känner igen honom i Miseration, Quest Of Aidance, Solution .45, Torchbearer och han är även på G med en solo-EP.
Jag beundrar hans tåga att hålla igång alla projekt och viljan att få ut så mycket kreativitet ur själ och kropp som möjligt.
Och han är en riktigt stort musikfan också, liksom mig kan han nörda in på olika saker och det tycker jag är en mycket bra kvalité hehe. Och turligt nog delar vi många favoriter...
Just nu jobbar han speciellt hårt med flera projekt samtidigt och jag har inte träffat honom lika mycket det sista, vilket jag saknar.
Nyligen kom i alla fall Miseration, en av de hårdare banden, med en ny musikvideo. Så här bjuder jag på lite skönt mangel att sätta kaffet eller téet i halsen till! ;)
Christian, detta är för dig käre broder!

fredag 13 januari 2012

Their Satanic Majesties Request

Jag rotar runt lite bland skivorna hemma just nu och lyssnar igenom lite av varje. Det är en sån där härlig dag när man verkligen känner för det, att bara trivas, dricka lite lapsang och shoppa i sin egna skivhylla.
Dock shoppade jag lite igår i Göteborg, whoops! ;) Var där med Siv och min kära sambo för att titta på 2 konstutställningar - Frida Kahlo och Jan Lööf. Konstig blandning, säger ni?! Perfekt blandning med lidande och skrämmande barnprogram, säger jag.
Och vi hann sticka in nosarna i två skivbutiker mitt i mellan allt ätande hehe (de där två tycker om att äta!) och jag hittade snabbt alldeles för mycket. Dock försökte jag lugna mig och gå för det jag söker som är rätt billigt...
T ex The Rolling Stones med "Their Satanic Majesties Request" som de själva och många fans i princip hatar.
Perfekt, den tar vi! ;)
Har tänkt lägga vantarna på denna länge då den är skum och väldigt psykedelisk (för att vara Stones). Många kallar den en billig rip-off på Sgt. Peppers med Beatles och visst kan man ana att de fick idén till både musiken och omslaget från just den MEN jag tycker ju om Sgt. Pepper och även detta lilla flummiga alster från Stones. Vissa låtar är riktigt jäklans bra och jag har ju egentligen inte så mycket till övers för de tråkiga musikstunderna som jag tycker Stones ägnat sig en hel del åt i övrigt så jag skall absolut inte klaga på "Their Satanic..."!
För många herrans år sedan såg jag denna vinyl, fast då som ett original (och inte denna metalliskt glänsande), och fattade inte vad det var eller vem eller vilka eller va? - men förstod att jag måste skaffa detta i framtiden.
Ni vet, när man ser ett omslag och det bara suger till i ens musiksjäl! Sluuurp.
Måååste lyssna. Äga.
Så, denna var väldigt bra pris på och en fin liten remastrad variant som fick följa med. Måste jag ha nåt mer med Rolling Stones nu? I think not.
Lyssna bara på "She's a Rainbow" eller "2000 Light Years From Home"!
Bra flummigt.

Ge mig en spark i röven någon förresten, jag har ju alldeles för mycket bra musik för att blogga om det så sällan. Och man upptäcker mer varje vecka. Så - sparka på!

onsdag 11 januari 2012


Igår fick jag hem 2 skivor (det händer inte riktigt lika ofta nu) varav en av dem var Master med sin självbetitlade debut som spelades in under 80-talet. Fast den släpptes ju först 1990.
Av någon anledning har jag inte inhandlat plattan i något format förut.
Detta är en nyutgåva från tjeckiska Doomantia och är riktigt stilig med sk "metallic foil stamped" gatefold och genomskinlig fin vinyl. Efter att ha storstädat hemmet själv en hel jävla dag så lägger jag på denna fartfyllda skatt och jädrans vad humöret skjuter upp i takt med manglet! Jag finner ett sällsamt lugn och samtidigt lite extra energi av Masters sjuka musikaliska resa. Här snackar vi om tidig death metal med en helsikes massa mängder av kängpunk! Det är skitigt och rått, hysteriskt och bra. De var till och med igång med morbid musik innan Death...
Och skivan innehåller även en av de konstigaste och bästa covers av Black Sabbath jag någonsin hört, låten "Children Of The Grave"!
Lyssna och njut för helvete!