fredag 20 januari 2012

New releases I'll be obsessed about?

Okay, so in the last post I wrote a little about Zelda. And hm, I really do think we need more cats and records in the cyberworld so instead of making this blog more personally with photos of myself I'll be brightening it up with some catstuff once in a while hehe. Because I am a recordlady yeah but also a crazy catlady as well. ;)
We'll see if maybe Zeus likes me blogging more then, because he always protest when I sit down and write a post here. He thinks I am way too relaxed and have better stuff to do! Like following him round the flat and cuddling. And if I dare to blog before I've cleansed the litterbox - holy shite!
He does not like that. And as he is named after a God I try not to disagree too much.
And now for something completely different!
As I am trying to save some money I should only try to order some records that I've really been looking for to be released. But once in a while I will let a mistake (a record?) slip through (my fingers). ;)
Here's a couple of releases that I am looking forward to and that will hopefully have a new home in my recordshelf, and they are quite diverse:

Nekromantheon - "Rise, Vulcan Spectre"
I read somewhere about these guys some time ago and by some reason got curious enough to google them and have a listen at Youtube. That wasn't the easiest by then but luckily enough the magazine Terrorizer soon streamed the whole album, which can be heard here.
These awesome guys are from Norway and deliver a blackened thrashattack right into your guts! And I don't get hugely impressed by many modern black- or thrash metalbands, I must say. But Nekromantheon has a primitive and true feeling about their music. And it's fucking aggressive!

Alcest - "Les Voyages de l'Âme"
Now, Alcest is something I didn't discover yesterday but recently started listening to. When the last album "Écailles de Lune" was about to be released I saw the cover in a mag and directly had a feeling that I had to listen to this. It wasn't brutal at all but haunting and beautiful in it imagery but I felt something. But of course one cannot shop everything that the ears of eyes crave so I kind of tried to forget this. And with the amount of good music, or brilliant, that I discover every week just by myself I almost forgot completely. But then I thought about it when I was at the Earth gig in Gothenburg last year 'cause Alcest were playing the day after. I thought about it but was so satisfied by the brilliant concerts both Sabbath Assembly and Earth did and that I met them that I just wanted to go on the train home and relax. Now I kind of regret that I didn't take the opportunity to see these French emotional guys but... That is life.
Anyways, now "Écailles..." is really getting to me, sticking in my brain and the doubt I had about this being "maybe too emotional and post-rockish" music for me is really washing off.
It's actually very good, very well arranged and it has a few more aggressive moments of black metal as well. You really can tell that Neige is a perfectionist.
So, I am not missing out the release of the new LP, hope it is soon in my hands!
Have a listen at the promo single of "Les Voyages...":

Autopsy - "All Tomorrow's Funerals"
Autopsy is indeed back again and not going soft on us! Goddamn "Macabre Eternal" crushed everything with mashing death metal and filthy, filthy gore obsession. And in February comes a complilation of all their EPs and also new material - 22 tracks of grinding sickening määääteeelll. Oh yessss. This will be great to listen to when one needs some energy and headbang 'til the brain hits the wall. :)

Earth - "Angelf of Darkness Part II"
As I wrote above I saw Earth when they playing in the club Nefertiti in Gothenburg last year, and their music made me feel a bit like I was meditating. The calmness of "Angels of Darkness Part 1" was soothing and nice to experience live. As I grabbed Adrienne and Dylan as they were out smoking afterwards, the spoke of Part 2 coming real soon hopefully. Then they thought already next year as they had recorded the two parts at the same time.
It got a bit delayed though but in a month or so Part 2 is coming, on Southern Lord of course, and I am looking forward to it. Dylan and Adrienne were so kind and lately I've been following Dylan's blog about ancient magic.
Even though it is far from the same drone found at the first releases I like the mixture and calmness the modern Earth delivers. Not something I listen to 20 times a day though, I must be in the right state of mind. And I think that will be the case of Part 2 also.

Black Pyramid - "II"
Stoner/doom from USA. I messed up and did not order their first record, which I am quite sad about since it is amazing. In a week or two the second LP will fly through space and hit the earth, and I will be waiting for it's sonic attack (Hawkind-reference FTW!).
You can have a little listen here but I think they, as most bands I listen to, are best observed in full. Yup, that's why my shelf if full of LPs and not singles. Experience at full. Who wants to fly quickly to the moon? Why not stay a while and enjoy the whole trip, watch the stars and land when the needle has been guided to the centre after an hour or 1000.

Well, that's what I'll be trying to limiting myself to in the beginning of the year/early spring. ;)

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  1. Intressanta önskemål, Alcest - "Les Voyages de l'Âme" fick jag faktiskt hem i veckan på vit vinyl. Earth part II ska bli kul, ser fram emot den. kanske man ska svara på engelska oxå ? :)

  2. Great post, my lovely one! Happy to see you write here in English. Continue with that, please! I was glad to hear before that you've been able to listen to a lot of music totay (even if I sure know that it's never enough, hehe) because it always makes you so harmonic. <3

  3. Gott med engelska! du lär få mer läsare :)
    Earth, Alcest, Black Pyramid!! Hade faktiskt noll koll på att black pyramid skulle släppa nytt :D
    Om du ville ha en cd av åtgärdslandet så kan du maila mig din adress, anton.suffan@hotmail, så skickar han ett ex :)

  4. Jag skall kolla in de flesta där! :)

    Och hurra för mer katter!

  5. Stones: Ohh, vit! :) Låter den bra? Nej hehe, man får svara på svenska om man vill såklart! ;)

    Véronique: Never, never enough! ;)

    Kappeth: Hehe vi får väl se. :) Ah, då kanske det kommer på din inlöpslista med? :O) Okej, slänger iväg ett mail direkt! Schysst!

    Morwen: Tycker jag! :D