torsdag 26 januari 2012

The Golden Earring - "Eight Miles High"

The little cat has had surgery now and is healing, hating the cone around her neck that is bumping into everything. The first night she worried us when she didn't go to the litterbox as normal, instead she shoved the sand around with the cone and seemed very aggitated. As we both had some kind of flue we were tired and worried, but she only wanted the cone to disappear forever and fooled us cause she was allright in the end. 2 minutes later all was well. Naughty cat! Now she is having a hard time and struggling to keep the mood up...
So, right now she is laying right next to me, listening to the Dutch hard rock band The Golden Earring, which started as a poppish beat band but efter a few records changed the musical direction - luckily!
"Eight Miles High" which came out in 1969 is named after the coversong that runs through the whole of side B. And it is a great cover, improvised and original - but my favourite songs are to be found on the first side. Songs like "Song Of A Devil's Servant" and "Everyday's Torture" are very early hard rock and has a real feeling to them, this is pure energy and devotion one hears.
A real gem! Maybe not an ultimate masterpiece but great to listen to.

Well, my copy of this record is a bit worn even though it plays great - I paid under 100 SEK for it some years ago and it was just one of those LPs that I had a feeling about and had a short listen and directly took it home.
Fuzzy guitar, Hammond-organ... Hard progressive rock. Can you go wrong there? Few does. ;)
So, if you see this record and it is not too expensive, I advise you to get it! In good shape it's worth quite a lot.
Now, to the music, enjoy!

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  1. Stackars Zelda! Tänk själv hur jobbigt det måste vara att gå runt hela tiden med en stor plastkon runt huvudet >.< Kan förstå om hon är lite ledsen. Hoppas hon slipper den snart. Ge henne massa gos från mig.