fredag 27 januari 2012

Hardcore punk and sewing...!

Okay, so I got forced to show these pillows I made - my soulmate said "You must!" so here they are haha. The other day I was cleaning out my closet (just like Eminem, yo!) and got a bit frustrated since there wasn't much room left for more band shirts. What a bummer!
And to be frank, I love all of them and I am fed up with selling shirts on Tradera that I send off for just a few SEK. :( Usually there's not much money in that and I've already sold about 10-15 of them that were too big. I'm not a girle type of girl no no, I like my prints big and with recordcovers here and there so I thought why not make pillows out of the ones I've had for ages that I just don't wear that much? As I have so many I won't miss wearing them... And most of 'em I've had for 10-15 years and are soft and nice now so.
So I started with my beloved The Exploited - "The Massacre" which I've had pretty much since I was a full-on punker back in the day. I've always loved this cover and the back, with all the mohawks. And it's a fucking killer record!
Today I made the Maiden pillow and had it not been for my back giving me big troubles I'd done two more for the bedroom. So that's the plan for the weekend, lot's of music and sewing and continueing catsitting (like babysitting but a little furrier).
I'm thinking black metal for the bedroom. :) Luckily my better half just supports my music-obsession and interiordecorating hehe. ;)
As I was sewing I really felt like listening to my old punk records so I dug for 3 favorites: Exploited, Discharge and GBH. That's what I prefer: english punk. I know Anti Cimex are good and all that but I always turned my eyes and ears to the UK for punk rock.
The Exploited formed in the late 70's and spat out their first album (after the EP) back in 1981, same year as I was born, and named it "Punk's Not Dead". A good statement which really made them a true second wave of UK punk band efter most of the original bands had dissappeared or blended together with the New Wave movement. Just look at The Sex Pistols or The Damned for example...
But it was in 1990 they released "The Massacre" which is an overlooked record when it comes to aggression. They are fucking serious and angry, swearing and filthy! This is hardcore and crossover. Speed, thrash and death metallers should like this gem.
I also really like "Beat The Bastards" record which came 1996, can't get much angrier than that!
From "The Massacre":
Charged G.B.H were also formed about the same time and their first LP in 1982 entitled "City Baby Attacked By Rats" which I've had for ages. I found it, together with the others I think, in an old vinylshop here in Skövde that no one else but me seem to remember...? It was a short-lived shop but they had plenty of punk stuff and I bought a load of singles there which I foolishly sold later on which I will forever regret. At least I kept a few LPs.
One time I stood outside the shop with my mohawk and this alcoholic comes up to me and wants to sell his recordplayer. I was pretty fearless by then so I came along and as he cracked up a beer he said that he had some records as well which I could get if I was to buy the player. Well, the player lasted about a week before it had to get repaired but the records were brilliant!
Lots of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Alice Cooper. So, thank you finnish alcoholic man for brightening my day hehe. :)
Anyway, the debut from GBH is really nasty and full-on! Just have a listen for yourself:
I don't think Discharge needs much introduction as I think most of you know their legacy, right?
Pure hardcore! And they have been a massive influence on so many speed, thrash and death metal bands all over the world. It seems everyone is citing them as influence these days. And as I played my copy of "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" for the first time I understood Metallica and Sepultura and all the bands who seemed to worship these British punkers. A perfect mix of punk and metal, already in 1982.

Right now I am awaiting a demo of a new Swedish crustband called Åtgärdslandet to arrive in my mailbox. I really like their stuff. Hopefully I can get it soon and spread the word.

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  1. As-snygga kuddar!!! Älska kreativitet^^

  2. Great post, my dear! And it made me so happy that I finally convinced you to show the really well-made pillows to the world! <3

  3. Fantastiska kuddar! Fan va smart! :D