fredag 20 januari 2012

English mode and the worship of cats

Okay folks, how about switching to english?
Because I've been thinking, right from the start, of doing just that - but for some reason I've stuck to swedish.
Why I wonder? Well, maybe because of making this little recordshelf in cyberspace a little intimate, but I actually prefer english anyday so...
Let's go! :)
Our little cat called Zelda (we've got two, one huge "lion" called Zeus and the little "otter" that is Zelda) has become rather ill. :(
And as we don't have any children you may think "Oh, they spoil the little furry ones" and you are right! They are very spoiled indeed. ;)
So, that means that she now gets the full treatment, painkillers and specialfood and all that, so that maybe her osteoarthritis (in swedish artros) calms down a little so that she at least can move and jump a little better.
At the veterinary they discovered that she needs some surgery for another constant problem so I know that'll cost a good deal of money and having an insurance won't help.
When things like that happend, I always know that family comes first and that including the furry ones, so as I hope Zelda becomes better I am calming down my "I-want-that-record-now"-nerves and trying to stick to those that are "most important" (about 500 of them, actually ;)).
You may wonder - "Why buy any at all?" and the answer is: music is important to me. Hearing new tones and rhythms stimulates my brain and I become a calmer person. It does me good. And yes, I am a bit obsessive sometimes. ;)
But as long as one can combine family, food and car and all that - all is good.
But of course everything can be even better - just give 'em records to me free!
Nah, on a more serious note:
Little Zelda, my musicloving furry friend, I'll do anything for you. Even sell my records if that had to be done. <3

Here's one of the Z's favourite songs (and you know you've got the best cats in the world when they like this!):

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