lördag 14 juli 2012

Rain and well not tears but some Demis...

Ello! Swedish summer is here, and it is very unpredictable as usual - the weather is looking nice and some minutes later it pours down rain. Typically. I'm not one to complain much about weather usually (time for vinyl then!) but we have so much to do at the summerhouse that depends on good weather... So, when it's not raining and my girl isn't working - we're out there.
Zelda, our litle cat, takes up a lot of time as well as she's taken a turn for the worse. But we try to get out and do some stuff together and have a nice time also, after all if one does not feel good at all one cannot give or receive.
Last weekend we took our little Red Dwarf (car) and went to a summermarket and also to nearby town Hjo as there were some activities there.
So, here comes a mixture of photos.

Me at the summerhouse, old school.

By the harbour in Hjo, I enjoyed my pipe (I stopped smoking and then began again, I'm an old lady!) and it seems birds like the tobacco. Here's my Veronica and a nosy bird.

Cannot help taking photos of trees...

Lighthouses are not often seen here in Skaraborg hehe.

Old house, felt like Lovecraft would have liked living there. I knew I would...

By the Pier.

Visited an old wise lady, and she had some old books from the beginning of the Century for me to look through. Instantly I started reading in old Swedish and felt at home, why the hell did we modernize this sweet language? Above is a book of history, going through the pagan Gods.
Once again I felt older than my age, not wanting to return to the stress of the city.

Besides music in different formats, supporting good causes is very very important for me. 
Nature, animals and children are what keeps us humane and we cannot ignore that and be selfish. That type of selfishness is what will end the world, and even though I'm a bit of a misanthrophe I cannot ignore things in need. At the market I discovered there were people from a home for cats that I am not supporting (yet) and instantly bought some stuff, including this little home-made Cthulhu - filled with extra-strong catnip! When we got home it looked this good for about 5 minutes and then both the cats went crazy. And it is still fun every day. Finally Zelda seemed to be enjoying herself with something. :)
Needless to say, I'll be getting some more of these because this will not surivive for ever.

Haven't bought much records lately as other things are coming up economically but, I found a few LPs at the market and was in total shock! Like this one, Tai Phong and their self'titled debut from 1975. Odd french band, flowy symphonic progressive rock which turn pretty spacey at times. This is an original, gatefold with structured surface - for 10 SEK! 
This is pretty rare so it usually goes for about 35-45 USD. A nice find.

The cool artwork at the back.

We've got spiders living outside all of the windows, hunting and growing like crazy. I like spiders (and they like my hair) but Veronica is scared of 'em but nice of her she lets them be. ;)

My meateaters hehe are still alive and well! All of 'em. And one of them is really eating little bugs like crazy, as they are trying to take up the kitchen. Nasty little bastard, I'm sure one day the flies will have kicked us out of the kitchen and just eaten up all the plants. 
But I, my cures and my flyeating friends will win!

Our cat Zeus is looking like Totoro and is hunting for mice. Good cat.

At the market I also found this, a french pressing of the first LP from Demis Roussos. He was the singer for Aphrodite's Child and later on concentrated fully on pop/schlager music.
But this debut demonstrates his damn good voice, so damn soulful! And it's a mixture of pop, greek folk music, psychedelica and soul. For 10 SEK and never played I am well-happy.
Now, gotta be getting me that "666" I'm obsessed about!!!

I leave you with some Tai Phong and their classic song
(although I think there are better songs on the LP, but not on Youtube sadly):

lördag 30 juni 2012

My input of Nature

I really need nature. As music, it is essential for this soul and body to work properly. Without it, it feels as though I am withering and vanishing. That's what happends. Slowly or fast.
And I love just looking and listening to nature, even though I haven't got very good cameras or think about how to photograph a tree. I just like to take quick spontaneous pictures, that's my thing. 
Nature itself is what makes the photograph stunning or beautiful, not me. 
So, here's a few quite new photos to go along with the music... 

Where the Hobbits live, maybe listening to some Bo Hansson or Summoning...

Some logs of birch...

I'm constantly thinking that this is just the top of a big house, 
where the underground part is occupied by someone who'd like some Darkthrone maybe...

A passionflower. We bought one of these for Veronicas mother but then we had to have one too, it's stunning.

What can I say? I just want to become a bird or fish when I see a nice lake. ;)

Grass will grow anywhere, and that thought is somewhat comforting.

Hurry on sundown...

A walk upward the tree.

Nothing can beat the sun and trees communicating.

Saw lots of snails this day, and figured it wouldn't be so bad to be one right here. ;)

The tree still survives.

fredag 29 juni 2012

Storm Corrosion finally here!

Quite some time ago I got my jewel case version of Storm Corrosion, and also a mug. It's quite weird that they sold a mug even before the album was released, but it looks great and I'm so glad I bought it since it's now one of my favorite ones next to Opeth, Beatles and Black Sabbath. (A Jimi Hendrix and King Diamond would complete my happiness though!) ;)
Some weeks after I got a tube with a signed litograph of the cover of the album, and as I was happy about that I wondered where the hell the bundle was that was many weeks late. 
But luckily a week after or so it at last arrived! My dear CD/bluray edition and the double vinyl. I am so damn happy I was obbsessed and ordered it directly as it sold out in just a few days and has been going for crazy amounts on Ebay. So, I'm trying to wait a little longer until it almost hurts, to give the vinyls a spin and pop the bluray on. I think I can't wait any longer... 

Also, did you know Opeth will be going on a little tour in Sweden in winter? Oh yes. And some of those dates will be special unplugged gigs. And I did buy a ticket at once, but now I am wondering if I can afford one more to another one of the dates... ;)
Haha, hard to please! >:)

Festival Express, let the good times roll...

A new store opened a while back here in Skövde, and I wanted to take a little look - you know after boring stuff like schampo and haircrap. ;) Even if records are my main addiction I sometimes find a little stuff for the home and my summerhouse. But little did I know that the best things I'd find was some music DVDs!
They had a bunch of them for a cheap price, so I had a go and bought this one: Festival Express 1970 with Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Band and Buddy Guy etc... 
I had no idea about this documentary, released in 2003, about a series of concerts they did in Canada. The livematerial is great even though it could have been even more of it I think hehe, but most interesting is the little parts between - the musicianship onboard the train that took them all across Canada. People are singing, jamming, drinking and taking drugs like crazy but also there is such a good and friendly time.
Once again, the creativity of the 60's and 70's hit me like a blast and makes me think over and over again that I was born too late (hello Saint Vitus) and that even though creativity still exist nowadays - something has been lost. It sure has.
And what a woman Janis was, maaan. She may have been sad and misunderstood then but I believe there are plenty of us that tries to understand her now and like with Hendrix is such a loss of creativity and soulfullness. So, if you see this somewhere - pick it up and watch it.

I also found a DVD with some live material with The Doors which I hope will be worth watching. 
I'll get back to that on a later note. :)

onsdag 20 juni 2012

Guillotine from 1971

There was a record fair in Hova about an hour from here on Saturday and I really wanted to go so I jumped into the car and took a little trip there. Veronica had a cold so she stayed home sadly, but then again she rested and got to listen to some of her records. ;) (And I even found her a rare Sisters Of Mercy single...)
Long time since I've just visited a fair without helping Mats (at Jack Daw Records) sell so I was out to do some cheap finds for the collection. Right now I don't want to pay loads of money for one record, nah...
And heeello, the fair in Hova was good this year! I found really cheap gems, hard-to-find records and just weird stuff. I remember that like 15 years ago I bought some of my first Black Sabbath records there with my dad so I am very nostalgic and happy that the fair is yet again something to happily visit.
Let me show you one of  the finds! Guillotine and their self-titled and only record from 1971, and I guess one can describe them as a psych band from Quebec, Canada... But it's not that easy actually, the music is very mixed and there are folk-rock here and some jazz as well as some swing and soul. The female singer looks a bit too sweet for my taste, you know I looked at the gatefold and hmmm:ed for myself very sceptic but I knew a little about this record as I've seen it online so I took a shot. And MAN does she not sound at all as she looks! Damn, she has a voice resembling the late Janis Joplin, which is a good thing (love my Joplin!) indeed!
She's just howling the night away and liking it, she's got feeling and she's craaazy.
Anyhow, I payed 60 SEK for this original on Ampex Records in great shape, with blue label and everything. A find! Happy camper.

tisdag 19 juni 2012

Sweden Rock Festival 2012! Bands and pictures.

As you may know, or not know (why didn't I make a post before?!), me and my Veronica went to Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg. We decided long time ago, or I did and nagged Veronica about it until we bought tickets haha. ;) Nah, we wanted to see if we could afford the trip and everything. Food is not so cheap over there either.
We went to see King Diamond primary, as soon as I saw he'd make his comeback show there I knew I had to visit either SRF or Hellfest in France! Even if we'd only be there on that day, Saturday, I'd be happy.
But bands like Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Motörhead, Blue Öyster Cult, Year Of The Goat, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Änglagård would keep us occupied as well and we decided to go for 3 days. Camping. Poor old me! ;)
We took the train there, and from little Skövde that means transfering several times and carrying around all the bags and tent and shite, like last year. Oh no no, next year we'll be taking the car to wherever we go cause that is so tirening. It's not really worth "we can relax on the train" if there's no room for the luggage and people stare at the weird metalfolks with sleeping bags. Hell no! No more. ;)
Anyway, enough of the complaining and on with the great music! Here's a whole lot of photos from Sölvesborg.
These are photos I or Veronica has taken so don't dare to steal 'em. If you do, we'll eat your brains!

After putting up the tent and cracking open a beer we were hungry as hell, 
so I look extra pleased here and Veronica even happier (as usual when it comes to food hehe!). ;)

Best food of the whole festivale! Stekt strömming (fried Baltic herring) with potatoe mash. Yummy!
We're trying to eat healthy but there was no way to be able to do that there more than through eating this. Otherwise I have to complain once again for the lack of good vegetarian food.

First band we saw was Saint Vitus! Afternoon and the sun was shining. The guitarist was fuckin' amazing and played with his teeth! What a dude.

Wino was cool as hell, moved around the stage like he owned the place, like a stoner God. Henry who is the drummer was amazing, the drums sounded great!
Quite calm concert and a good start.

My signed very pink Saint Vitus LP. :)

I had also brought with me my Shrinebuilder record, which Wino signed on the gatefold as well as he likes the darker image more. He also told us that the front cover's first design had been was too much - with bees and birds and squirrels hanging around haha. So they had to loose that and stick to the snakes, and I'm glad they did cause I looove this cover (and the album is still amazing!) and it's even better with Wino's name on it.

Me and Wino, he was very kind but put on a stoneface for the camera. Hard maaan! ;)

My forth time to see Graveyard and they did a great show as usual. Lots of people there and a good vibe.

Pentagram at the signing. Look at Bobby. Coolness.

Me and Bobby Liebling, what a man. Creepy color on his skin, looking like a doom zombie just risen from his grave. Nice man!

My re-issue of "Relentless" signed. In the left corner "Jesus tougher than Hell" haha!!! :D

I bought the "Live Rites" double vinyl from TPL Records since I've been wanting that. Perfectly signed with Bobby joking with himself "What a nut". ;)

Swedish radio (SR) ran after me for a short interview efter the signing. 
I talked about Pentagram, King Diamond and stuff and they took some photos.

Almost missed Änglagård's gig cause of the interview, but caught about 20 minutes and it was soothing and nice. Too bad it was raining (I had been sheltering my records like a mommy cause of the rain) otherwise it might have been a bigger crowd. Overall a good concert.

It was pouring rain and I didn't think Blue Öyster Cult would rock that much, I wanted to see them but my hopes were way too low as they were amazing! Very good! We stayed the whole concert in front of the largest stage and had a good time as the rain kept falling.

Buck, great guitarist and my favorite member I think.

Me and Buck from BÖC. Foggy and rainy!

Signed by the band and the session bassist who normally plays with Meatloaf. He was a very nice man as well, very polite.

Time for Pentagram! Bobby fucking ruled the stage! The show was one of the absolute best things I have ever seen and they were in their prime. Bobby was rocking all over and being creepy. He looked straight onto us and played around onstage. I was stoked!

The Man!!!

Had to see Twisted Sister and they were great, Dee has such energy. A good setlist as well! 

Veronica and Dee, just to show off her beautiful patch! ;)

Me and Dee.

He signed his new book and I got 3 copies, 2 for friends and one for us. :)

Had to get him to sign my "Stay Hungry". ;)

Motörhead! With their Bomber rig, first time for me to see that live so I was happy. Good set and always good!

The nice gentlemen in Year Of The Goat.

Singer Thomas is a nice dude, and what a voice he owns! He must have signed his soul to the Devil. 
He likes the devil so it would be suprising. ;) Met him afterwards and he looked so forward to King who was about to play a few hours later!

Per, who is a serious record collector too. He was the one who turned me on to Museo Rosenbach. YOTG played a great concert although the crowd was a bit small since they (like Änglagård) played on the little stage.

Saw Lynyrd Skynyrd's set from a distance since we were waiting for King Diamond on the opposite stage! It sounded great and they played plenty of songs off their first 2 albums which are my favorite ones. "Simple Man" - yep! "Free Bird" - yep!

Waiting in front for a long time. Nobody was going to steal our spots as I've been waiting for this sooooo long!

The stage was amazing. A big spooky stairway and gates. Huge lit up pentagram and upside down crosses on each side. Maaaaaaan!

The King and Andy!

Andy hitting Grandma with the guitar while they played "Welcome Home". Magic!!!

I was sooo happy the whole time so I was screaming like a mad woman, singing along. 

The dude from Volbeat jumped onstage to do a version of "Come to the Sabbath" but King could have done it all by himself as his voice sounded so great.

King and Mikkey Dee as a guest drummer on a song. He looked so happy and it sounded great.

The one and only King!
The concert was sooo amazing and I was so happy to see the first of his two gigs! Great setlist and some of the songs had never been played live before, like "Dreams" from "Spider's Lullaby". And Denner and Hank from old Mercyful Fate came in as guests as well! OH LOOORD!

I shouted and shouted until I almost didn't have any voice and went completely bonkers, so I got the setlist. One of King Diamond setlists from the first fucking concert. I was so happy I shaked for 30 minutes before I calmed down a little. Afterwards I celibrated with a fried banana, haha! ;D

So, had a great time and it was magical. Thanks Sweden Rock! 
Best of all was of course, as you may have picked up by now - King Diamond. 
But Pentagram really impressed me so much too and I hope I'll never forget that brilliant concert as well.