onsdag 20 juni 2012

Guillotine from 1971

There was a record fair in Hova about an hour from here on Saturday and I really wanted to go so I jumped into the car and took a little trip there. Veronica had a cold so she stayed home sadly, but then again she rested and got to listen to some of her records. ;) (And I even found her a rare Sisters Of Mercy single...)
Long time since I've just visited a fair without helping Mats (at Jack Daw Records) sell so I was out to do some cheap finds for the collection. Right now I don't want to pay loads of money for one record, nah...
And heeello, the fair in Hova was good this year! I found really cheap gems, hard-to-find records and just weird stuff. I remember that like 15 years ago I bought some of my first Black Sabbath records there with my dad so I am very nostalgic and happy that the fair is yet again something to happily visit.
Let me show you one of  the finds! Guillotine and their self-titled and only record from 1971, and I guess one can describe them as a psych band from Quebec, Canada... But it's not that easy actually, the music is very mixed and there are folk-rock here and some jazz as well as some swing and soul. The female singer looks a bit too sweet for my taste, you know I looked at the gatefold and hmmm:ed for myself very sceptic but I knew a little about this record as I've seen it online so I took a shot. And MAN does she not sound at all as she looks! Damn, she has a voice resembling the late Janis Joplin, which is a good thing (love my Joplin!) indeed!
She's just howling the night away and liking it, she's got feeling and she's craaazy.
Anyhow, I payed 60 SEK for this original on Ampex Records in great shape, with blue label and everything. A find! Happy camper.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I really liked this record too! :)

    1. Yes love, good to hear as you were a sceptic concerning her voice too. :)

  2. Aw, vad fint att det kunna gå på skivmässa och känna lite nostalgi + bra fynd! Guld!
    Säkert skönt att kunna strosa lite på mässa och istället för att arbeta :)

  3. Very nice cover art, but personally I like the Umeå thrash band Guillotine more ;-) Not really comparable, but still...