fredag 29 juni 2012

Storm Corrosion finally here!

Quite some time ago I got my jewel case version of Storm Corrosion, and also a mug. It's quite weird that they sold a mug even before the album was released, but it looks great and I'm so glad I bought it since it's now one of my favorite ones next to Opeth, Beatles and Black Sabbath. (A Jimi Hendrix and King Diamond would complete my happiness though!) ;)
Some weeks after I got a tube with a signed litograph of the cover of the album, and as I was happy about that I wondered where the hell the bundle was that was many weeks late. 
But luckily a week after or so it at last arrived! My dear CD/bluray edition and the double vinyl. I am so damn happy I was obbsessed and ordered it directly as it sold out in just a few days and has been going for crazy amounts on Ebay. So, I'm trying to wait a little longer until it almost hurts, to give the vinyls a spin and pop the bluray on. I think I can't wait any longer... 

Also, did you know Opeth will be going on a little tour in Sweden in winter? Oh yes. And some of those dates will be special unplugged gigs. And I did buy a ticket at once, but now I am wondering if I can afford one more to another one of the dates... ;)
Haha, hard to please! >:)

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  1. No dates north of Stockholm, dammit :( Not jealous at all! :)