fredag 29 juni 2012

Festival Express, let the good times roll...

A new store opened a while back here in Skövde, and I wanted to take a little look - you know after boring stuff like schampo and haircrap. ;) Even if records are my main addiction I sometimes find a little stuff for the home and my summerhouse. But little did I know that the best things I'd find was some music DVDs!
They had a bunch of them for a cheap price, so I had a go and bought this one: Festival Express 1970 with Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Band and Buddy Guy etc... 
I had no idea about this documentary, released in 2003, about a series of concerts they did in Canada. The livematerial is great even though it could have been even more of it I think hehe, but most interesting is the little parts between - the musicianship onboard the train that took them all across Canada. People are singing, jamming, drinking and taking drugs like crazy but also there is such a good and friendly time.
Once again, the creativity of the 60's and 70's hit me like a blast and makes me think over and over again that I was born too late (hello Saint Vitus) and that even though creativity still exist nowadays - something has been lost. It sure has.
And what a woman Janis was, maaan. She may have been sad and misunderstood then but I believe there are plenty of us that tries to understand her now and like with Hendrix is such a loss of creativity and soulfullness. So, if you see this somewhere - pick it up and watch it.

I also found a DVD with some live material with The Doors which I hope will be worth watching. 
I'll get back to that on a later note. :)

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