lördag 14 juli 2012

Rain and well not tears but some Demis...

Ello! Swedish summer is here, and it is very unpredictable as usual - the weather is looking nice and some minutes later it pours down rain. Typically. I'm not one to complain much about weather usually (time for vinyl then!) but we have so much to do at the summerhouse that depends on good weather... So, when it's not raining and my girl isn't working - we're out there.
Zelda, our litle cat, takes up a lot of time as well as she's taken a turn for the worse. But we try to get out and do some stuff together and have a nice time also, after all if one does not feel good at all one cannot give or receive.
Last weekend we took our little Red Dwarf (car) and went to a summermarket and also to nearby town Hjo as there were some activities there.
So, here comes a mixture of photos.

Me at the summerhouse, old school.

By the harbour in Hjo, I enjoyed my pipe (I stopped smoking and then began again, I'm an old lady!) and it seems birds like the tobacco. Here's my Veronica and a nosy bird.

Cannot help taking photos of trees...

Lighthouses are not often seen here in Skaraborg hehe.

Old house, felt like Lovecraft would have liked living there. I knew I would...

By the Pier.

Visited an old wise lady, and she had some old books from the beginning of the Century for me to look through. Instantly I started reading in old Swedish and felt at home, why the hell did we modernize this sweet language? Above is a book of history, going through the pagan Gods.
Once again I felt older than my age, not wanting to return to the stress of the city.

Besides music in different formats, supporting good causes is very very important for me. 
Nature, animals and children are what keeps us humane and we cannot ignore that and be selfish. That type of selfishness is what will end the world, and even though I'm a bit of a misanthrophe I cannot ignore things in need. At the market I discovered there were people from a home for cats that I am not supporting (yet) and instantly bought some stuff, including this little home-made Cthulhu - filled with extra-strong catnip! When we got home it looked this good for about 5 minutes and then both the cats went crazy. And it is still fun every day. Finally Zelda seemed to be enjoying herself with something. :)
Needless to say, I'll be getting some more of these because this will not surivive for ever.

Haven't bought much records lately as other things are coming up economically but, I found a few LPs at the market and was in total shock! Like this one, Tai Phong and their self'titled debut from 1975. Odd french band, flowy symphonic progressive rock which turn pretty spacey at times. This is an original, gatefold with structured surface - for 10 SEK! 
This is pretty rare so it usually goes for about 35-45 USD. A nice find.

The cool artwork at the back.

We've got spiders living outside all of the windows, hunting and growing like crazy. I like spiders (and they like my hair) but Veronica is scared of 'em but nice of her she lets them be. ;)

My meateaters hehe are still alive and well! All of 'em. And one of them is really eating little bugs like crazy, as they are trying to take up the kitchen. Nasty little bastard, I'm sure one day the flies will have kicked us out of the kitchen and just eaten up all the plants. 
But I, my cures and my flyeating friends will win!

Our cat Zeus is looking like Totoro and is hunting for mice. Good cat.

At the market I also found this, a french pressing of the first LP from Demis Roussos. He was the singer for Aphrodite's Child and later on concentrated fully on pop/schlager music.
But this debut demonstrates his damn good voice, so damn soulful! And it's a mixture of pop, greek folk music, psychedelica and soul. For 10 SEK and never played I am well-happy.
Now, gotta be getting me that "666" I'm obsessed about!!!

I leave you with some Tai Phong and their classic song
(although I think there are better songs on the LP, but not on Youtube sadly):

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  1. Värkligen ledsamt att höra att Zelda inte är pigg :( Hoppas hon kryar på sig snart!!!
    Massa fina bilder! Mysigt med utflykter. Hjo är ju hur fint som helst på sommaren. I sommar har vi faktiskt inte varit där...än :)
    Oj vad bra att dina köttätare lever och mår bra :) Duktig mamma du hehe ;) Min stendog ju som sagt ganska snabbt av törst :P

  2. Very nice pics as usual, Sötnos! <3 I'm as you know a bit scared of the spiders... but I accept them OUTSIDE the windows. ^^