fredag 27 januari 2012

Opeth live in Gothenburg

This post is a tad late haha, but better late than never I hope. :)
The best live performance I have ever seen to place the 4th of December 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Oh yes, it was Opeth live at Trädgår'n!
As I have seen them a couple of times before since they are one of my absolutely favorite bands of all time (only beaten by Black Sabbath I think) this time I really wanted to be a nutter and got two VIP tickets for me and my heartling. I booked them in the middle of the night, just when they got released, and that night I had a hard time sleeping. A half year later it was time to take the train to Gothenburg and eat sushi, shop and at last meet and see Opeth.
After some usual sushi (no pizzas here!) I of course found some records and also a special gift to mr Åkerfeldt.
Photo by me, as we got to greet the band
At the venue I became very nervous, like a little child, and also very shy all of the sudden hehe but luckily all of the band was very nice and I think Mikael especially saw that I was a bit tense so we talked a bit about records and especially his radio series which I loved and got a lot of useful tips from.
He was very kind and softspoken and told me that he had a couple of hundred vinyls in boxes at home that he hasn't even gone through yet. Oh my, that's fabolous! - I think I said. ;) As you all know, mr Åkerfeldt is the King when it comes to collecting vinyl and especially progressive rock.
We took a few pictures and I gave him a special recordbag as I wanted to buy him a real gem first but thought "Man, this guy has at least 5000 records, what do I buy?!" but suprisingly he didn't have just that - something to carry his records in when he travels and goes recordhunting.
Also, I met the "new guy" - Joakim and he was a real gentleman!
I got a few Opeth LPs signed also, which made my day complete. Until the live show of course, when everything fell in place and feels perfect.
Pain Of Salvation played before and we stood frontrow although I haven't listened to them much. In their progressive moments they were quite cozy sometimes but I was really waiting for Opeth to begin. I still consider "Heritage" as being a masterpiece and looked forward to hearing and seeing it performed, I wasn't very scared about it being too soft or whatever. No no.
And it was completely amazing! They really were in top-shape and did no mistakes!
The soft songs was performed very nicely and I got in a sort of trance of happiness. Best thing ever. Really.
My dear one got one of Martin's drumsticks and I got the Mendez's setlist, it pays to be jumping in the front and not be a dwarf. ;D

My new drumstick & setlist - now I've got 2 of Opeth setlists in total

Mikael was in a great mood, chatting and joking almost more than normally ;)

A bit of psychedelic colours enhanced the music
My partner snapped this photo of Mikael in his nice Rainbow-shirt
Acoustic set with "Throat Of Winter" here
Axe did a fucking brilliant drumsolo, raging from jazz to metal in a few minutes - amazing!
Signed LPs - they prefer the new artwork for "Still Life" they said

It was a great night and I doubt (but of course hope!) that I will see them in better shape. Ever.

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  1. Youre heartling says thank you so much again and again and again! It really was an amazing concert! <3

  2. How I've waited for this post! I'm not the least bit jealous either (ehem)! What a setlist, I can just imagine how epic Folklore must be as a closer with that pumping bassline and soaring guitar lead. Man I'd be so embarrassed meeting Mike I wouldn't know what to say.

    1. Hehe, I would be jealous too! ;) Yes! It was in fact one of my favorite songs, so brilliant and wellsounding...!
      You must come along next time!!!