fredag 3 februari 2012

Freakin' weird music!

Here comes something I'd like to call - Jävligt otippad musik or Freakin' weird music we can call it in english (although that is not the correct translation)!
Since this blog concentrates on extreme metal and much progressive rock I would like to break the boundaries from time to time with different kinds of music - related to maybe the progressive kind. I will not shock you completely, I am not a dance music kind of person, or the kind that finds radio music "quite nice" nor am I a secret lover of a special kind of samba or whatever. ;)
BUT yes, there are things that can stimulate the brain that does not fall easily into a certain category.
So here's some weird spacey tips! Prepare for take-off!
About 2 years ago while I was going through almost the entire stock of the local record shop I found Tomita - "The Bermuda Triangle" from 1978. I looked at the cover and got instantly interested and curious of what this might be, so I asked the owner Pelle and he said it was strange japanese music that dealt with science fiction. Since the LP seemed to be themed with the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle only I could not let it go and had a listen. Such mysteries makes me go all childish inside like Tin Tin (every documentary I find of the Triangle I must see!). Anyway, I must have had a strange face when I heard it cause it was so odd and spacey, it was like being inside a space ship that had landed in the sea and was floating dramatically together with glowing jellyfish or... Well, you understand - it was weird.
"I like it, I think" was my second response. And since it was cheap I bought it.
It is indeed strange experimental electronical classical music, and feels like a true soundtrack to an amazing movie. He uses such a rich variety of instruments, so many different Moogs and Rolands and a mellotron and computersounds, tape machines and so on... The funny thing is that on each LP there is a list of what he used exactly and it's overwhelming.
Since I've bought this I've found a couple of more, like "Kosmos", "Bolero" and his first LP "The Snowflakes Are Dancing" and they all sound like nothing had ever sounded before. In fact, Tomita was very popular, especially in Japan but also generally recognized for his original work. Read more about Tomita here. So drink a cup of lapsang and listen to this:

Last time I was in Gothenburg I bought a few records as I told you, and "Are you Spongled?" with Shpongle were one of 'em. A cheap CD, but I had heard about them for some time ago and though that if I didn't like it I'd give it away to someone but after a few listens I got completely hooked. So what is Shpongle? Some kind of mellow psychedelic dance music that incorporated lots of world music from Africa, India to Brasil. Psybient some call it. A mixture os psychedelic and ambient. Very weird music but also very impressive if you ask me. So stimulating for the brain to listen to.
Shpongle consists of two men - young Simon Posford who's main project is Hallucinogen and much older hippie Raja Ram. Simon Posford mostly creates trance music and is the owner of record label Twisted Record and does all of the programming and such. Raja owns label Tip World and used to be in a band in the 60's, opening for Led Zeppelin and other great acts.
In Shpongle he plays the flute, which he does brilliantly, and mostly seems to be smoking a lot of weed and dropping a bit of acid, hah. Lots of ramblings of this man is incorporated on many tracks of the 4 album they have released. Cause he really is a man that can speak forever...
Anyway, I had to have the rest of the CDs (the vinyl is sooo expensive!) and although the first album is the best the others are brilliant too. A very good mixture. One doesn't get tired of all the sounds.

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  1. Love Shpongle. <3 And Tomita is so relaxing to listen to. :)

  2. Superfin ny design på bloggen :)

    1. Tackar så mycket! :) Mysigt att pyssla och ändra lite ibland.