onsdag 15 februari 2012

Incredible Hog

Incredible Hog were an british underground rock band in the good ol' 70's and didn't get much attention although their music is good and shows a lot of proto metal tendencies and some heavy blues (with a tad of glam). This is "Volume 1" and I've got the Rise Above Relics re-issue on blue vinyl with the extra little vinyl of 4 songs which has been lost but now found and a 16-paged booklet with lots of photos.
I said to a friend that one knows that it is good music if there are band photos and one of 'em is holding a cat. She pointed to the mustasches and the long hair and yes I agreed that hairy men + cat must be the ultimate to create good rock.
Hey it works for Mikael Åkerfeldt for instance, he's got many cats. ;)

I find the vocals a bit unusual for 70's hard rock, they are quite soft but it suits well since the riffing is pretty hard and I do like some variation of my 70's music, even though I guess I'd love it if everyone sounded like Deep Purple all the time as well.

Have a listen of some songs, I found a good video with pictures and info, check out the different type of album covers there as well:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sjukt bra det där du! :D vad kul att du gillade åtgärdslandet och ägnade ett inlägg åt ep'n :D

    1. Ja jäklars du, det skrevs och spelades in så många skatter på 70-talet (och även 60) så man blir helt snurrig!
      Självklart! Ser redan fram emot ett helt album eller singlar eller vad det nu kan bli. ;) Tack för hjälpen! :)