onsdag 15 februari 2012

Åtgärdslandet delivers crust!

From Anton and his great doomish blog I got the tip of a swedish crust/doom-band called Åtgärdslandet. Now, I loved the name from the start and the simple logo so I had a listen and it was goood! Anton was kind enough to help me get a physical copy of the 5-track demo, which I received in the mailbox the other day, from the singer also named Anton.
Now, I'm not an expert of crust punk (yet ;)) I must confess but what I have heard I've really liked. It's a matter of economy and time for me, as I would love to dig into it more...

I haven't got much info on this band but as I can understand they are based in Örebro and consists of Anton who screams and plays the guitar (he also did the mixing), Mikaela who plays the bass and and Martin the drummer. They are from Örebro and I believe the demo was recorded in late Mieszko's (Nasum) studio Soundlab in November of last year. Many great bands have recorded there, for example Wolfbrigade and Disfear.
Anyway, the tracks of the demo are real aggressive bunch, with a feeling of doom and especially the first song "Stabbed In The Back" has a part in the middle where the doom metal takes over and hell, that really does the trick for me. Rest of the song is pure punk and "ett jävla driv" in swedish. ;)
"Inte en jävla chans!" which is next gives me some grind as well and one hell of an attack delivered from Anton. I feel like I've been hit by a car and it just keeps hitting me, in a good way that is.
"Utförsäkrad" is my favorite and I like the different types of vocals which are presented here - different types of screams and it does remind me a little of black metal. Also the lyrics "I väntan på livet, väntar vi på döden" - brilliant. There is no better time than now to protest and make good punk, kicking the right-winged politicians in the nuts.
More black metal-feeling right in the crusty landscapes, just love the mix of different styles which are nicely blended together with the punk - "Ayn" is the longest song and also the one with the most clear soundscape sometimes, as it goes a bit mellow and melancholic.
Self-titled last song "Åtgärdslandet" is just a fist in your face! Pure, heavy as fuck and with really impressive drumming.
I played the CD to someone the other day and the person said that one song is a cover of another swedish well-known crustband. Is that right?

Thanks for this demo, guys! I enjoy it! If you make an album I must have it!
Have a listen and enjoy: Åtgärdslandet at Soundcloud.

If anyone has some great recommendation of what crust I need to hear just let me know, I'll check it out. :)

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