onsdag 22 februari 2012

Skraeckoedlan - "Äppelträdet"

Time for another release from Transubstans Records!
One more CD that Record Heaven were kind enough to send me, and I really am glad they have such good taste in music. ;)
Skraeckoedlan - "Äppelträdet"
Transubstans Records, 2011

I heard about these very young guys about a half a year ago when reading Close-Up Magazine.
It was a small article but it caught my attention and I checked out their music via Youtube. They play a fuzzy type of stoner with a touch of doom and one can really tell that Skraeckoedlan (The Horror Lizard, yeah!) have been listening to a lot of High On Fire, Kyuss, The Sword, Sleep, Mastodon as well as a fair amount of Captain Beyond and good ol' 70's rock.
The singing is excellent through the whole album, a real american stoner type of singing mixed with a hint of swedish á la November. The songs are also most of them written in swedish - I salute them for that! I've got a soft spot for when bands can make good swinging songs in my native landuage, without them being boring or too soft which happends all too often.
They rule when they keep to the swedish material, cause there is a few faults in the english grammar but that is more understandable when thinking of their young age. I'm sure album number 2 will not have these little mistakes lyrically.

They really shine and impress me in the mighty track "Äppelträdet" with it's sheer heaviness and thick guitar riffs. "Cactus" is another impressive tune and here I step into a time machine and fly back to the 70's, reach a swedish space rock scene and land in a dinosaur-egg. Not sure what that means, eh? It means I like it, big time! "Fågelsång" also lets me fly into space and end up somewhere in the orbit of last song "Rokh". The album has perfect playtime.
I've earlier in the blog written about the young american band Elder which I love and I consider Skraeckoedlan being a swedish equal to them, a bit less doom-oriented perhaps.

I've listened to this CD lots of times now and I can indeed say that it has grown to be one of my favorites released 2011. If I'd make a top 20 of 2011 this would be on it.
So, need I say I recommend it? :)
Buy it here!
Video to a song off their new 12" (I want!):

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