måndag 20 februari 2012

Anima Morte - "Face The Sea Of Darkness" & weekend

The nice guys of Record Heaven also runs the record label Transubstans Records and has kindly decided to sponsor my music addiction by sending me some CDs, thank you!
I am a bit of a good customer of Record Heaven and it's one of my absolut favorite shops!
They have sooo many nice re-issues of 70's hardrock and prog from all over the world.
And not only that - lots of psychedelica and metal. Best of all they are really helpful and ships the records fast which I really appreciate when I get really hooked on something.
And Transubstans is a really interesting label and has released stuff from bands like: Abramis Brama, Brutus, Graveyard... You see?
So, let's take a look at one of the releases then! :)

Anima Morte - "Face the Sea of Darkness"
Transubstans Records, 2011

My first experience with Swedish instrumental band Anima Morte was when a ordered a few vinyls from Record Heaven a year ago perhaps and decided to throw along their single "Viva Morte!"(from 2007) in the order since they reminded of Goblin, which I adore, but with a more modern (Swedish?) sound.
This is their first album, also from 2007 but now avaliable again via Transubstans Records, with 2 extra bonus tracks.
Goblin created lots of creepy 70's prog and mainly soundtracks to Italian horror classics like Suspiria, Profondo Rosso & Dawn of the Dead and in my book they really did something original in their time - or any time at all in fact!
Anima Morte tries to do something similar, except there are no movies to go along with the music but that doesn't bother me at all. Which other group do they remind me of as well? Morte Macabre, that's right! Both bands certainly has a modern edge to the music but still manage to pull it off very nicely. "Face the Sea of Darkness" is really good, the haunting choirs (do you like Mellotrons?! I do!) are really effective and there are plenty of Moog and Hammond too.
A song like "Devoid of A Soul" does succeed to give me a bit of the creeps, I love the Moog here, and it surely brings to mind a few horror flicks.
Also, in that song I come to think of Goblin's first album "Roller" which is in fact not scary at all but quite groovy. That puts a grin on my face and I feel very at ease.

This is really atmospheric music and if one loves Italian horror also very relaxing, stimulating and complex. One discovers more after a few listens.
And those who does not find this creepy enough should keep in mind that Anima Morte is true to the old school prog, not blasting away and growling about zombies - although I like that as well - but quite intelligently delivers a eerie feeling and paints landscapes inside ones mind.
It is not blood everywhere on those walls where Anima Morte live and breathes, just smudges here and there that makes you think "Oh my, is there a corpse somewhere? Where the hell is it?!" rather that revealing the full plot right away.
A groovy haunting. Yes, that could sum it all up! Anima Morte delivers a groovy haunting.
I recommend you to listen to "Twilight of the Dead" and read some good Poe or master Lovecraft. "Twilight..." must be my favorite track BUT like most of the music I like one should listen to the album in full to enjoy and get the right feeling.
I'm just so thrilled that music like this comes out of Sweden. And I hope to hear more of the music of the morbid Anima Morte soon!
"Devoid Of A Soul":

I had a really good weekend, most of the Sunday I spent with my giant headphones on listening to music. I've finally perfected my little corner of music so that we can use the second recordplayer more often and fall asleep every night listen to Hawkwind if we like (or I like, should I say) hehe!
Pimped with Sleep-sticker. I'm really starting to get addicted to lime green on black. ;D

I promised more cats as well as records so
here's Zeus with the Immortal pillow I made out of one of my old shirts. Handmade. Zeus approves!
Zelda has healed up allright after the eye-surgery and is looking cool.
Listening to a bit of Japanese doom.
Guess I had to have a picture with me staring at a cover, since that's what I am particulary good at. ;)

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  1. You had me at Morte macabre! Gonna listen to this ASAP. MM was a truly great band, heavy in the mellotrons. Not as captivated by the off shoot Paatos, not enough edge for me

    1. I've never really listened much to Paatos, just a few tracks, and I think I feel the same way as you. For now at least. :)

  2. Fuck! Now I've listened to various tracks on YouTube and it sounds amazing. Must. Buy. Vinyl. Gah. Thank you for the tip!

    1. Haha, so glad you liked it! :) That made my day, sparkling someone's interest in a certain band or record. Thanks Johan. And I am glad you still read my little blog. :)

    2. Of course I do. I just don't always have something to say :-) and yeah, its a great feeling inspiring people with music.