onsdag 30 maj 2012

Vinyl finds, Hendrix and drugged Elephants

How's it going? I'm listening to The Moody Blues - "In Search of the Lost Chord" and having a calm day at home. Looking at some record collections videos on Youtube and getting a bit obbsessed of that too. Why? It's so damn fun to not feel lonely in this, I am getting a happy feeling of looking at what other people is discovering and knowing exactly how they feel. I do get a bit jealous sometimes of their finds but hey mostly I am just really glad for them, and as I am so pleased with my music taste and collection it is easier. ;)
Yesterday I took the time to go through my record collection and organize a bit, it took almost 5 hours total, phew! Glad I took a long walk as a pause in between. Sadly I discovered I soon need to get a new shelf for the vinyls if I don't want crates all over the bedroom which I really don't.

Anyway, I've been quite busy trying to be healty and more and more visiting nature and turning on my computer isn't one of my first priorities then (specially since I can do some crate digging on my phone, hehe).
And I had my birthday this weekend. How old, you say? Old enough! I turned 31 and got celebrated with nice homemade food and cake. And I even got a record, or will since it's been delayed, a fine doomish death metal release I'm missing in my shelf. :D Thanks, love! <3 You know me. More of that when it has arrived! I had a great day. And my best friend came over, as I am not one to throw huge parties or even small haha, and gave me a book about Pink Floyd. I've been eyening those since they came out but for some reason didn't buy one but she (by the help of my beloved) found out I didn't have it (she thinks I have everything music related hehe, oh the happiness if I did!) and got it for me. Big thanks, I'll read it right after I've done with the Tony Iommi-book.

Let me show you some more stuff from when I found some really cheap records a while ago. Sorry about the photos not being so stylish, there where many to shoot and I just don't wanna sit and design every one of them - there would be no time to write this post if so. ;)

Aphrodite's Child a collection released on a Italian label called Super Star. Now this is their more poppier early material but I found it for 10 kronor in mint condition with the book inside as well. It's a bargain! And as I for some fucked up reason still have not got "666" in my collection I just couldn't skip this. 
I found it in a second hand shop between lots of christian music and other crap music and that fact is amazing. And OH DAMN again, Demis Roussos has such a powerful and first of all soulful voice. I think I need his first solo album as well. 

Elephants Memory - "The Elephants Memory" from 1969, a nice looking Buddha release. I had no idea what this was when I dug through some 1000's of LPs some month ago but the cover caught my eye and looking at the back and the gatefold I just had to check it out. It's a mixture of psychedelic, folk rock and a lot of funk. It's quite weird and a bit partyish at the same time, and consisted of a 7 creative people.
Later on John Lennon and Yoko Ono got to know Elephants Memory, and EM began to do some back-up singing for them and John Lennon later produced some EM.
Just listen at the varied sounds of the LP, which is their debut:

Jimi Hendrix - "Crash Landing" I found for 1 krona at the record flea market in Gothenburg.
Now this album sounds amazing! It's such a great record. Too bad it seems that the producer made additions to the recordings, so one does not really know who plays on which parts which sucks because I waaaant to know such things. It was released in 1975 so long after Jimi had died and I wonder what he would think about this... Sadly everything after Jimi has been so poorly taken care of and I think it's a shame to do this to his legacy. For me Jimi is the Best, no one can beat him, and he deserved the best of treatment. 
I wouldn't have bought these releases when they were new since people just made a lot of dirty money, but gladly it's second hand now so I buy a bit of Hendrix when I come across something interesting and not very expensive. 1 krona is too cheap though, I think. ;)

Another LP "The Genius of Jimi Hendrix" with the Man. Also for 1 krona. This is a french release from 1979 but it was recorded in New York 1966 and has a pretty good sound to it. Lots of blues here and really nice guitarwork from Jimi. Whatever he did, he did it as a master - whether it was blues or psychedelic or hard rock! And can anyone beat that voice? So much emotion to it. I'm listening to it right now and I am amazed. I feel so lucky that I got into Hendrix so long ago, one of my first posters were a huge one of Jimi with lots of gold everywhere. Can't get enough of Jimi.

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  1. You're welcome, Sweetie! <3 Oh, I liked Aphrodite's child when you played them for me last week! And thumbs up for cheap good music! :)

  2. Gott med the lost chord!:) huhu arangera skivsamlingen brukar ju vara något av ett mastodont projekt! du lär ju ha hunnit samla på dig mer än jag så jag kan tänka mig att det kräver en kraftsatsning för att palla med!