onsdag 2 maj 2012

Record fairs and tons of music!

Oh my, I'm tired. But the nice sunny weather is giving me some energy. Yesterday I helped out Mats at Jack Daw Records at the Record fair in Björneborg, Värmland. And on Saturday we were at the Record fair or more like a flea market for vinyl at Fräntorp outside of Gothenburg. Phew!
The Saturday fair was very small and Mats had many records with him which were soooo nicely priced, but we weren't the only ones gladly. The weather was bright and warm then as well so there weren't a big crowd of people unfortunately. We bought more than we sold, haha. But we were happy anyway since what we bought almost didn't cost anything! There was one seller there which had a bunch of great records in good shape for 20 kronors, and in the end of the day he was quite fed up with dragging them around from place to place so he sold the rest for 1 krona. Say what?! You can imagine me and a little crowd of men digging through the crates of vinyl. I had already bought for example - Tucky Buzzard - "Tucky Buzzard", The Who - "Who's Next",  Grand Funk - "We're An American Band" (on yellow wax!), Alice Cooper - "Muscle Of Love" (in the pizzabox!), Iron Butterfly - "Live"... and so on, for 20 kronors and grabbed some Jimi Hendrix, Ian Gillan, Journey, Rush and reggae for 1 krona each. I got home with more than 20 LPs and had not spent even 200 kronors on brilliant music. I was so happy I couldn't believe it! We were both a bit shocked.
Needless to say my dear Veronica was pleased with me when I got a hold of some Bowie and misc for her too. ;)
And yesterday I got up at 5 am, was like a zombie of course as I hate to get up early. It's not actually just hate, my body and brain just don't want to since I don't sleep much. I'm not the type of person who sleep heavily a whole night through much so, my body tends to wanna get the best sleep by that time. ;)
Motörhead saved my morning as I screamed "If you squeeze my lizaaaard..." along when driving to meet up Mats to go to dear old Värmland. Weather again not to good for a fair of any kind, but we arrived and carried in the completely packed crates and started digging in others. Here the prices where either over the top big time or a few a bit of bargains and of course I went for the latter, not wanting to ruin my new trend. ;)
I found more Hendrix for 20:- and the first Santana in almost mint condition. Also some Genesis and Judas Priest. The very best was "Head Hunters" by the great Herbie Hancock! I've been looking for this since Åkerfeldt played a song on the radio from that album. 20 kronors? Yes please!
I'm listening to it now and it's such a smooth and brilliant piece of work, great jazz/fusion/funk and progressive - I love it! And what an awesome cover, damn.
At the end of the day I was so tired, Motörhead helped me back home on the road again and back home it felt so good to pet the cats and kiss the darling, show all the records and just relax.
Now I've got so much music to go through, I've yet not listened to 10 of them and nature is calling on me to go out as well as my little furry ones (the cats, that is) are in need of some attention. I'm satisfied.
A few pictures, and for some reason Blogger is pissed today so they can't get turned in the right direction, ugh.

I've never even seen this LP before, so I was damn happy to find it so cheap! 
And it's amazing! Early hard rock from 1971. I've got the "Allright On The Night" LP before but this knocked me off of my feet anyway. 

A great live album which shows a heavier side than the albums.
Great psych, so get groovin'!

The debut album from Santana, kickass!

Just look at that, it screams "good music!"

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  1. Gud vad roligt att hitta så många bra skivor så billigt!!! Gött! :D måste jag med lyssna på :D

  2. You are a lucky one, great records for almost nothing! Congrats

  3. Oj vad kul att du fyndade så mycket till så bra priser! :)
    Men passa på nu att gå ut i naturen innan vädret vänder och blir skit igen ;)
    Ska försöka komma mig ut jag med.

    1. Hehe, det är verkligen dåligt och fint från dag till dag men man skall passa på som sagt. Det blir alltid lite för mycket stad och lite för lite bara natur.

  4. Great you had a good time both days! And I'm sooo happy for the LP's I got from you, my dear! <3 Thank you!!!