onsdag 16 maj 2012

Storm Corrosion arrives

The first to arrive home is the jewel case CD of Storm Corrosion, and I'm absolutely stoked.
Now when the sun has gone down, I climb into bed with my giant headphones and have a close listen, finally! And straight away I get goosebumps, everywhere in fact. I freeze, fascinated of what the CD with headphones actually delivers - it's so much better than just the video of "Drag Ropes". I finally hear every sound and can isolate them and then put them together. Happiness. And something else, a sadness. Cause the whole album is filled with sorrow. Darkness. Isolation. And it sure is something I cannot wave away or hide from. And I do not want to either.
Mikael and Steven creates the feeling of being in a cold damp cave. Alone. Looking for a fireplace, blanket or companionship and not finding any.
You are stuck here by yourself, deal with it. Lovely.
I like it, the album that is, and something tells me that I will grow to love it.

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