onsdag 16 maj 2012


I found a copy of this the other day, for 5 swedish kronor:
Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - "Live". I hadn't heard it at all and just fell in love with the cover. My version does not have any text on it though so first I didn't see that it was Santana on the front. On the back of the gatefold cover it's a similar image of Buddy Miles, with his little cool afro.
5 kronor? The cover is a bit of the funkier side and the record was really dirty (had someone snorted coke on it and smeared it out, or what?!) but after a good cleaning it played well.
Remember, I bought the first album from Buddy Miles Express just a few weeks ago? And then the debut from Santana? Well, this is live from 1972 and it is like having a huge bucket of happiness and filling it with psychedelic rock, funk and blues and there are even some hard rock parts. I mean, DAMN! I heard this and wanted to turn orange as well and be on a cover on one of the best live records I've ever heard! Together with Deep Purple "Made In Japan" and Hawkwind "Space Ritual" and a few others this is now indeed one of my absolute favorite live cuts. Buddy Miles is a brilliant drummer, he's really varied and keeps a strong funky beat, Santana's playing the guitar like a God and builds up psychedelic landscapes. I just wished I had seen this live. What a fucking wonderful trip it must have been!
The whole side B is just jamming and jamming and it just, for me, doesn't get boring at all. Become one with the music.

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  1. Vad härligt att du hittade en så bra skiva för nästan inget:) Alltid skoj att fynda!
    Ja, kolla upp det..Låter inte helt normalt >.< Vill ha en frisk och pigg Sara vet du :)