fredag 11 maj 2012

Raindrops and isolation

Nick Drake, I wonder what he was thinking of?

Haven't written in here for more than a week I see, well I haven't been listening to much music either unfortunately which takes away most of the inspiration of writing about music of course. I've been busy doing other things, and feelin' a bit under the weather. But I'm right now going through more of the vinyls from the fairs and I've gotten word that my copies of Storm Corrosion is on their way - hurray! I'll be so damn glad when I can put that record on and have a first listen, as I have refused to listen to the whole album before I have a physical copy. I've got the mp3-download that followed the order but... This is a true test of my stubbornness! And of patience. Maybe my stubborn mind will fall, and I cave in for the digital...?!
Today I've been planting flowers on our balcony and hopefully made so that a few more pops up. The sunflowers are a tradition for me now, and this year they're gonna be living in old buckets made of zink. I think they are maybe 50 years old or so, and they're really worn as nature has been taking care of them. So, hope the sunflowers will like them as much as we do!
Yesterday I, as I suprise for my heartling who worked all day, cleaned the apartment spotlessly for like 5 hours. I put on a bit of Nick Drake as the rain kept falling outside, but I think the cats listened more than I did since I was making a lot of noise cleaning.
Anyway I am getting more and more out of that troubled man's music and I feel a bit like - "Hey, I'm not alone" which is a feeling not many artists has given me, just some music, books and movies can make me feel that way. I'm especially fond of the first album "Five Leaves Left" which is both sad and comforting.
Nick left the world 3 albums before he 1974 took an overdose of antidepressant medicine.
I wished he had stayed and left the world with more music but as he was feeling tortured everyday I can understand him.
After the third and final album "Pink Moon" he isolated himself almost completely, and even though he later worked on a forth album, I think he had given up the fight.

From "Five Leaves Left":
From "Bryter Layter"

5 kommentarer:

  1. Åh! Plantera på balkongen, solrosor och gamla zinkhinkar :) Sånt blir man ju bara lycklig av^^ Själv har jag bara mina penseer och lilla tomatplanta än så lenge. Planen är dock att klämma in så mycket blommor som möjligt hehe :)Stackars Christian kommer inte få plats :O
    Hoppas det bara var lite vår-nedstämdhet du fick! Och att du mår bättre nu. Kram :)

    1. Blommor gör mycket ja, mysigt att pyssla hand om massa växande! MEN icke så roligt att få ohyra i som vi fått i våra orkidéer och kryddväxter. :( Buhu.
      Tack, kram på dig.

  2. I got a huge, big, wonderful surprise when I found out you had cleaned the WHOLE apartment! Thank you sooo much again, my Dear! <3<3<3 And I like Nick Drake too. :)

  3. Uj då! Löss eller nåt annat?

    1. Löss och lite allt möjligt verkade hoppa på våra växter, som tur hade vi haft dem ett tag. Det var bara att slänga efter några behandlingar inte hjälpt men nu har jag ju sått så det tittar upp MASSA nytt grönt att trösta sig med. :)