torsdag 5 april 2012

Starting the day with some vibrations

Say it loud. Sounds good, feels good. Auuuum.
I'm starting my day in a very good way, by listening to the 4 albums made by the doom/stoner band. The heavy vibrations made from only bass and drums move around the room. The cats seem to like it, and Zeus wants a cuddle. His purs starts deep vibrations which flows right over the music. Inside I pur as well. This is feeling good and relaxed.
The only thing missing is some indian incense and maybe a cup of tea...
I missed Church of Misery live yesterday cause I wanted to stay home and spend more time with my family, since my better half had her birthday just before. Also I was quite spent since I was so much time in the kitchen that day haha, making her favorite food and a cake - just trying to make the day as good as possible. It worked. ;)
But I cannot miss OM!
So this weekend I will hopefully be seeing Al Cisneros and his OM, taking my soul on a trip to musical vibrating landscapes far beyond our shallow world. I so look forward to it and I dearly hope the concert will be as mighty as I hope for. Cause I'm feeling so good already, following the vibes through the Universe. I want to see his old band Sleep as well, but since they are playing in expensive Stockholm I think OM will have to do just fine.
Ready for release?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hoppas du får en super konsert-upplevelse i dag ^^
    Vår praktikant på jobbet,Anton, skulle dit också!

  2. You made my day so wonderful! <3 And I'm so happy that OM did a great job the other day! I have to see them myself one day. :)