onsdag 18 april 2012

Second hand music & orange noise

One of my favorite thing to do is looking for weird stuff at second hand shops or flea markets (loppis FTW!). Why? Sometimes the things have an interesting story, it's mostly not expensive but cheap findings and it's good for the environment. I like the fact that a small item can do something for a whole room or just add a little extra touch. Now, I might sound like an interior decorator and no I am not that good haha, but I like design and shapes, textures... I don't want to build a home of assorted stuff I don't feel anything about at all, I want it to make me feel something., tell me a story and say something about us who lives here.
Now this of course comes to records too, as you know, the most of what I buy to my little collection are used vinyls and CDs. What I buy new is almost only new metal and hard to find prog gems. 
I went to two different flea markets and hardly spent any money at all haha, and I got 3 records, headphones, curtains, a book and assorted stuff to our summer house. 

For a few kronor I got (in not great shape I know, but playable):

Buddy Miles Express - "Expressway to Your Skull" on original press. Now this one I had no clue about, I dug through a couple of thousands (I think the man said he had about 7000 LPs!!!) and just stopped when I saw this cover. Released 1968, hmm might be good. I saw that Jimi Hendrix was involved somehow and remembered that the drummer Buddy Miles had played with him. Cool! Also the guitarist Jim McCarty later played in the hard rock band Cactus which I like. 
Some of the best findings is where you have no clue of what it sounds like. This was worth the money and then some, it's a feel good record of fuzz, some psychedelic guitar and lots of funk, blues and soul. I really blame Mikael Åkerfeldt for turning me on to funk. Or am I just getting old? 

Sweet - "Off the Record" from 1977. I've never really listened to Sweet since I'm not a huge fan of glam rock. I mean, I like early David Bowie and of course Alice Cooper and yeah some Kiss too.... Hm, well I here got stuck with the record in my hand and like a little teenage girl got stimulated by the odd cover. What a fucking brilliand idea, to have a record and pickup on the cover! And as you fold it out, it's even better! As I am a bit fascinated by turntables (they're beautiful) I got hooked. This record is supposed to be a bit more rockier and it's actually quite good, it's rock all the way. More rock than disco shit then I'm okay! ;)

Heavy Rock. Now this is a warning that I'm turning into an old hag, haha, I don't usually buy "rock classics" or such but as cheap as this was and it actually has some good songs on it from Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Saxon, Juicy Lucy and so on... You know that is a collection has Hawkwind on it, it's good stuff. ;)

As a lover of the 50's, 60's and especially the 70's I just had to have these headphones. Orange and pretty! It's a pair of Hosiden DH-16-S. They don't sound as good as they look competing with my also huge DJ-headphones but I have to try them more and anyway they are in great shape for a tiiiiny price.
The best thing about this bargain was that they had a spiral extension chord plugged in, I took that and tried it with my DJ-phones and holy shit! It's fucking looong and sounds great. 
As my headphones already had a chord of about 3 metres I now can use my headphones and walk around the flat. The only thing I can't do is make a cup of tea haha. But, as Veronica said, I can even use the bathroom while hearing sweet tones in my head, muhahaha. I was completely blown away and happy for hours of my little chord. Still am, in fact. 

6 kommentarer:

  1. Great post and pics, as usual! :) I'm so happy for your new chord! Now you can even come by and kiss me when I'm in bed and you're out there listening to vinyls. ;) <3

    1. Thanks love! Haha, yes, I am so social now with my chord. ;) <3

  2. Second hand och loppiser är ju bara bäst^^ Skoj att hitta små skatter som inte finns i vanliga butiker.

    1. Hell yeah! Verkligen de bästa butikerna.

  3. Billigt och bra! :D massa fina saker!
    DU! jag kollade igenom dina inlägg från någon vecka tillbaks, har knappt hunnit blogga eller läsa andras bloggar på 2 månader! Men jag såg att du har varit vid Hornborgasjön och tittat på tranor! jag var där med och det måste varit dig jag gick förbi! jag vart lite osäker och tänkte att så liten är nog världen inte ändå, så jag hälsade inte men det måste varit du! :)

    1. Tack så mycket! Ja, man hittar de bästa sakerna på skumma ställen. :)
      Haha, är det sant? Så skumt! Troligen var det ja, för jag såg en igenkännande blick minsann, och tänkte för mig själv "kan det vara...?" men tänkte som du, att det vore väl lite konstigt sammanträffande. Hehe, jag tänkte som vanligt att jag är musikskadad!
      Vad skoj ändå, att för ett ögonblick mötas där av alla ställen och inte i en skivbutik. :D
      Nästa gång får vi hejja! ;)