lördag 14 april 2012

Just some photos...

Here's just a few photos, in no particular order. More cats FTW!

Me & Veronica visited the annual Sci-fi fair in Gothenburg. Here's me and some stormtroopers, hehe. 
Met Lance Henriksen from Alien & Millennium, Tommy Lee Wallace who designed the mask for original Halloween and also a few nice artists. Kim W Andersson who makes the cartoons Love Hurts and Alena said he loved us and wants us as special fans, haha, funny guy.
Had a nice day, found some horror B-movies and the new one from Ghibli Studios.

Took this photo right now, Zelda (the black monster) loves to place herself on top of my vinyls. Here she's laying on a cover of a rare record and making it look "extra crispy". How nice.

Visited a nice friend and got these with me home. A copy of "Epicus Doomicus Metallus" original press and Marduk "Deathmarch Tour EP" (sealed), Candlemass - "Nightfall" Pic-LP & Therion "Symphony Masses" Pic-LP. All unplayed. Well, Therion isn't unplayed for long, that album is indeed a weird release but cool as well - nice stuff! Thanks Ninni!

Ninni had bought me some camogear as well, haha! Brilliant. Both her and I have a spot weak for camo.

The plants are starting to grow real nice due to the good amount of sun. Maybe even growing too fast inside, as winter has not passed fully yet outside. Hm, I'll have to make a jungle inside then.

Flowers which have rested has come to life again.

"When not having the time to put on make-up, cover with arm!" is the new motto. ;)

One of the best things ever, listening to a bit of Gong in the evening. Of course with me slippers on and a cat by my side. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures, especially at our adorable dustbunnies! <3