fredag 13 april 2012

OM live in Gothenburg

Like I wrote last time, my plan was to see OM live in Gothenburg. They played at Truckstop Alaska and it was magical! I mean it, it was one of the best things I have ever seen. Too bad there where some soundproblems (one of Als amps wasn't working, this seems to be an occuring problem at Truckstop?) but that didn't bother me much as the bass and drums where pretty heavy anyway. And what an amazing dude (Robert?) they had with them! He looked like a voodoo priest playing that guitar, doing various strange sounds and ohh what a voice. It really did contribuate something special to the music. Afterwards the concert I just had to go up to him and almost kneel and thank him, since the rest of Om took off. Going for the bong maybe?
I hope the new LP coming in July will have more of that ritual feeling that the concert had.
I'm really looking forward to "Advaitic Songs" and think that it will really be one of the best of 2012
If you have heard Om before you know that it already feels like a religious/soulful journey, a tantric ritual through time and space... Add some more middle-eastern sounds and a bit guitar in the odd parts and you'll levitate for sure!

Before the concert I had a few Newcastles and if I am an expensive girl when it comes to records and music, I am a cheap one when it comes to alcohol since 2 beers make me quite happy and drunk, haha. ;)
This time I saved my money for the cheap beer and the merchandisebooth. Om shirts are pretty hard to find so...
I arrived at Truckstop and found another beer and had a look at the opening band. Or band, maybe artist is the correct word - it was a girl playing multiple instrument and let's just say it wasn't my cup of tea at all. It was noisy but not in a nice way or interesting enough for me. Some seemed to like it. I just wanted to escape to the merchandise table and so I did. 2 nice shirts at a fair price. After the concert I was so stoked I got the tourposter as well and it is soooo gorgeous, I think I must have it framed sometime. Luckily my dear one likes my taste as well and accepts my interiordecorating of our home. ;)
Om entered the stage and I got all tense and nervous since I had a look at Al and he looked so serious. But then I remembered that he does that all the time haha, he's a special man and I really like it. Serious and philosophical, hehe, I recognize that. But at the same time I have rarely seen someone enjoy playing so much, he's on another level and is totally tripping out. Like a snake. Moving up and down, following every pulse and tone. Amazing. I closed my eyes and followed along.
And there is the trance, follow the trance, be one with the music and so long... Either one stand there and become a spectator to Om or once follows and maybe ends up somewhere near where Al is.
And I am so lucky I can open up and just find some magical space sometimes by just listening to music, meditate through inner landscapes. Emil's drumming was intense and amazing, he seemed so into it as well.

Do I need to say one more time that it was magical?

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  1. Great post, my dear! <3

    1. Thanks, it doesn't come near of how brilliant the gig was but one can try! ;)