måndag 5 mars 2012

Vintersorg - "Jordpuls

As I stated in my previous post there are SO much good music in the world that I have too much to write about and it's hard to choose from day to day what to take a closer look at.
So I went through my large CD-collection (as I'm a bit boring in that department usually, the vinyls are larger and more fun to play with) and just randomly found some things I think is worth a mention. I'm going to do that more often, both for you guys and for me, as I have plenty of goodies which haven't been played in a while.
Don't judge me too hard of what I have found here though, I know there are more cult releases and better editions but I had to start somewhere and sometimes it's nice not to choose the obvious stuff! ;)

Vintersorg - "Jordpuls"

I've been a huge fan of Vintersorg since I first heard "Till Fjälls" and also loved the following "Ödemarkens Son" and "Cosmic Genesis". The more progressive approach in the latter release did not scare me away but the ones after "Cosmic Genesis" just did not fit me as well. When mr Vintersorg and Mattias Marklund returned with "Solens Rötter" in 2007 I bought the CD instantly and although I liked some songs and parts of the album it didn't flow freely into my pagan soul. I comforted myself by the old albums and the beautiful albums by Otyg instead.
So when "Jordpuls" came last year I was a bit hopeful but also somewhat distancted since I couldn't really trust 100% that this would fit my mind and soul as much as the old releases. But I bought it, like a hopeful fan that I sometimes am, and I am glad I did since Vintersorg has found the key to my pagan heart once again! A fine blend of black, folk and progressive meets in a wonderful mix and intelligent as well as beautiful swedish lyrics handling nature and science. Last album was all about science and although I respect that and find that very interesting I really love the pagan nature-worshipping lyrics a bit more.
This CD also demonstrates what a fine musician Vintersorg is, and why he is one of my favorite singers. Can't help it, I'm a sucker for that norrländska! (Armagedda also has that effect...)

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  1. It was you who got me in on Vintersorg. <3