torsdag 1 mars 2012

Noctum - "The Seance"

"The Seance"
Tranbsubstans Records, 2011

Originally released on High Roller Records, here's a nice re-issue from Transubstans.
"The Seance" starts off with a mysterious vibe straight away, as if there are ghosts hiding in the shadows around, and when the guitars kick in I directly think of "Black Sabbath". Someone has to be quite deaf if not thinking of the british Gods and their massive influence on the young lads of swedish Noctum! This is retro hardrock with a good amount of doom inspired mostly by Sabbath, Pentagram and Witchfinder General. Although I think the vocals of David Indelöf gives away that they are from Sweden. And it's the vocals that trouble me some from the beginning, finding David a bit whiny in his type of singing. But after a while I start thinking of Zeeb from Witchfinder General (love 'em!) and I am way more relaxed. David delivers the best in the 3 last songs "Children Of Darkness", "The Fiddler" and "The Serpent Bride" and it almost feels like the album was made like in the 70's - just recorded in a few days and the last songs being where he truely found his way. I'd like to think that anyway. ;) Overall the production is old school and sounds very organic and analogue.

Noctum are absolutely a bit more heavier both musically and in lyrical themes than other retro bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft or Horisont. And yes, the music fits better with the theme than I think Ghost does (cause the latter are in fact quite more pop than metal, in my book).
There is a strong metal essence in Noctum's debut that I think also attracts heavy metal fans all over the world. It's going to be interesting how Noctum will sound like on album nr 2.
Buy the album at Record Heaven.
Check out "Children Of Darkness" and enjoy!

Patches in the mailbox, yay! Now I've really got a lot to do.
Yesterday I got home, together with my girlfriend, from the concert with Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse. Both bands were brilliant in their own way! I think I'll write a little post about that soon. :) Got plenty of music to write about all the time, more now since some records found their way home from both the visits in Gothenburg (recordfair was great!).
Bare with me and I'll return soon with lots of metal and psychedelic stuff!

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