måndag 12 mars 2012

Full of Hate 2012 in Gothenburg

Well, I thought I'd show you some pictures I took when the Full of Hate tour came to Gothenburg.
We only saw Legion of the Damned, Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse but were quite satisfied.
Behemoth ruled and one could see that Nergal physically wasn't as strong as before but his mental strength and willpower really showed in the performance. I got completely mental when they played a few songs from "Satanica" cause that is one of my absolute favorites and also the first album I heard from Behemoth. Luckily my neck is well-trained from my younger years! ;)
Legion of the Damned did a good job too! And Cannibal Corpse was brutal to see, my first time and hopefully not my last. Gore to the core!

We stayed over night at a hostel and after a huge breakfast took a small walk in the shops in Haga. Or rather me dragging the other girls around to search for records. ;)
Found these bohemian slippers in one of my favorite shops (not record ones) and fell in love! The progster in me need this when I smoke my pipe with vanillatobacco. And I actually use them everyday.

In a nice bookstore I found this one! I've been wanting to get Dante's Inferno for years and finally I found a good and cheap copy. With pictures painted by awesome Hieronymous Bosch. He has grown to be one of my favorites since I read about him in school some years ago.

I also found a few records, and one of the best is "Fresh Cream" by Cream.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Ja vilken underbar kväll och dag det var^^ Du fick lite bra kort och ser jag :) Jag fick bara suddiga bilder på masken tyvärr.
    Mys-tofflor är ett måste! Jag bor i mina fårskinnstofflor hela tiden. Kommer få separationsångest när det blir för varmt^^

    1. Fick bara några kort som var okej hehe, svårt när man bara har en liten digitalkamera men fint att fånga nåt. :)
      Jah, perfekt för mig att ha två så kan jag anpassa mig efter vädret. Blir separationsångest här med sen!!! ;)

  2. Really nice pictures, my dear! <3

  3. Looks like you had a great time, not difficult with that lineup though. Saw some clips of Behemoth from Switzerland and the lightshow looked somthing extra.

    1. They were truly great yes! :) I really loved the stageprop.